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Sustanon 250
Buy Sustanon 250 - Organon (Pakistan)

Organon (Pakistan)

1 Amp 1ml. [250mg./ml.] Total 250mg

Usage: injectable

$ 18

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Original Sustanon

What is the most popular anabolic among athletes of different levels? Of course, it is Sustanon 250. This drug has gained popularity and outdistanced competitors, as it is a quite powerful testosterone complex. Sustanon for sale is available in our online shop, where you can easily buy it.

The preparation includes the following testosterone:

  • propionate (30 mg);
  • phenylpropionate (60 mg);
  • izokapronoate (60 mg);
  • decanoate (100 mg).


This preparation is a favorable combination of the above-mentioned components that complement each other and their combined effect is in large excess over the actions of each element.

The athletes, who strive to achieve quick results with a prolonged effect, will definitely want to buy Sustanon online.

Preparation features

Thanks to testosterone bodybuilders can quickly achieve formulated results, such as:

  • To build muscle by accelerated protein synthesis;
  • To gain increase in weight as a result of fluid retention and accelerated muscle growth;
  • To burn off fat tissue.

Besides if you want to buy Sustanon 250 online, remember that it can be used with other drugs it will significantly reduce the period of building muscles.

Sustanon injections

Injections should be administrated once a week and the dose of an agent can be 250 – 2000 mg. However, the recommended limit is 250 - 1000 mg. The effect of Sustanon 250 injections is stored for a month, but the injections should be administrated at least once a month if you want to keep the proper level of testosterone.

The recommended dose for beginners is 250 mg; it will allow them to gain 20 pounds for 2-3 months. But practised athletes will need a higher dose. However, one should not exceed 1000 mg, as it may lead to increased level of estrogen.

Sustanon for women

Testosterone is contained in the body of both men and women, but in different quantities. It is a male hormone responsible for the development of primary and secondary sexual characters, its high content in the female body can lead to certain changes, such as masculinization (growth of hair all over the body, a throat of brass etc.).

Sustanon 250 price is one of the most profitable and affordable in our store at the moment.