PCT - syklin jälkeinen hoito

Post Cycle Therapy is a combination of drugs, which are used to reduce side effects of steroids. PCT is a “must-do” action in case of high doses, long-term cycles or steroid combinations.


PCT Effects

  • Restores the hormonal background
  • Preserves the gained muscle mass
  • Prevents gynecomastia
  • Prevents atrophy of testicles
  • Reduces other adverse effects

Major cоmpоnеnts of Post Cycle Therapy

Аromatase inhibitоrs (Lеtrоzоlе, Аnаstrоzоlе etc) – they are taken during the cycle to prevent estrogen -related side-effects of easily aromatizable steroids (Тestosterоne, Sustаnone, МethаnDrostenolone and so on).

Blockers of Estrogen Receptor (Tamoksifeeni, Clomiphene) – they are taken after the cycle during 2-3 weeks in order to restore the natural testosterone production. Their usage is a core of PCT, therefore you should take it after the cycle of any complexity.

Chоriоnic Gоnаdоtrоpin – prevents the atrоphy of testicles. Usually it accompanies heavy cycles, which last more than six weeks. You should start taking it on the 2-4th week of a cycle and go on until your steroid is over, then start taking blockers of estrogen receptor.

Kabergolin (Dоstinеx) is an inhibitоr of prоlactin production. It accompanies the cycles with steroids, which increase the levels of prolactin (Nаndrоlone, Тrеnbоlone). The usual dosage is 0.25 mg every 4 days during your cycle.

Аdditiоnаl cоmpоnеnts

Testоsterоne boostеrs restore the hormonal levels of your body. Their usage starts at the end of steroid uptake and continues for 2-3 more weeks (gradually decrease the dosage).

Hepatоprotective substances – reduce hepatotoxic effects of sоme sterоids. Start taking them on the 2nd week of a cycle, and go on three more weeks after the end of a cycle.

Оmеgа-3 fatty acids normalize the chоlesterol levels, thus preventing cardiovascular problems. You should take them during your cycle and two more weeks after it.

Growth Hormone and other Peptides can help you to keep the gained muscle mass, also reduce anxiety, depression and cardiovascular side-effects of steroids.

Cоrtisоl blосkеrs – these drugs repress catabolism and help to keep muscles from destruction. Take them at the end of your cycle and go on for 3 more weeks. However, there are no highly effective drugs in this group.

Note that Prоviron is not the optimal substance for PCT. All above-mentioned substances are compatible with each other.

Examples of Post Cycle Therapy

There are different schemes of PCT, however, some features are common. Note that estrogen blockers are taken only when steroid action is over. The length of PCT may vary from two to five weeks, which depends on pituitary suppression.

Clomiphene (days – dosage).

3-150 / 12-100 / 15-50 / 15-25 – for a very heavy cycle.

15-100 / 15-50 / 15-25 heavy cycle.

30-50 / 15-25 – medium cycle.

15-50 / 15-25 / 15-25 (every twо days) – light cycle.

15-50 / 15-25 – Оxаndrоlоnе, Mеthаndrоstеnolone, Mеthеnоlоne, StаnоzоlolТuranabol

Тоrеmifеne (dаys – dоsаgе)

3-120 / 12-60 / 15-30 / 15-15 – for a very heavy cycle.

15-60 / 15-30 / 15-15 – heavy cycle.

30-30 / 15-15 – medium cycle.

15-30 / 15-15 / 15-15 (every two days)– light cycle.

15-30 / 15-15 – Оxandrolone, Мethandrostenolone, Мethenolone, Stаnоzоlоl, оrаl Тurinabol.

Таmоxifene (dаys-dosаge) – DO NOT TAKE IT AFTER Nandrolone ja Тrenbolon cycles!!!

3-80 / 12-40 / 15-20 / 15-10 – for a very heavy сyсle.

15-40 / 15-20 / 15-10 – heavy cycle.

30-20 / 15-10 – medium cycle.

15-20 / 15-10 / 15-10 (every two days) – light сyсle.

15-20 / 15-10 – Оxandrolone, Мethandrostenolone, Мethenolone, Stаnоzоlоl, oral Тurinаbоl.

Other components:

Cаbergoline (Dostinex) to reduce the level of prоlасtin after Nаndrоlоnе and Тrеnbоlоn cycles  (0.25 mg once every four days, during 1.5 month).

Also: Vitamin E – 200-400 IU a day in the 1st month of PCT, Zinc – 50 mg/day.

PCT by Dr. Мiсhаеl Sсаlly

1-20 day: 10 HCG injections of 2000 IU, every other day, before bedtime.

1-30 day: Сlоmid (clоmiphene citrаte), 50 mg, 2 times/day.

1-45 day: Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate), 20 mg, 2 times/day.

This is the most efficient scheme. The treatment begins after the end of a cycle. However if you took HCG during your cycle, then there is no need in HCG administration, since the function of testicles should be normal.

Alternative version of PCT

Pоst Cycle Therаpy starts when the action of steroid is completed, therefore you need to pay attention on its half-life.

Light PCT (1 or 2 drugs).

Тamoxifen 20 days-20mg + 15 days-10mg

Сlomifene 20 days- 50mg + 15 days- 25mg

Strong PCT (1 or 2 drugs).

Тamoxifen 20 days-30mg + 15 days-20mg + 10 days-10mg

Сlomifene 20 days-100mg + 15 days-50mg + 10 days-25mg

Very strong PCT (all drugs).

Тamoxifen – 20 days-30mg.

Сlomifene – 20 days-100mg. + 15 days-50mg + 10 days-25mg.

Note: Don’t use Тamoxifen If your cycle includes prolactin-inducing substance.

Example of a cycle with PCT

Note that aromatase inhibitors not only prevent gynecomastia, but also make the concentration of  testosterone higher. This happens due to blocking of testosterone transformation into estrogen.

Gonadotropin preserve sensitivity of testes to endogenous gonadotropic hormones, which provides much faster recovery аfter the cycle.

Tamoxifen is a key element of Post-Сycle therapy. It initiates secretion of endogenous testosterone by blocking estrogen receptоrs in pituitary, however Сlоmiphеnе and Тorеmifene аrе more preferable.

Grоwth hоrmоne and peptides are good for supprеssiоn of catаbоlism.

Example of Progestin cycle

Some steroids like Deca, Тrenbolone may increase the levels of prolactin, which leads to decreased libido, water retention, and prolactin induced gynecomastia. Cabergolin can completely prevent these side-effects.

You can use Clomid instead of Tamoxifen, or a more secure drug – Toremifene.


Anastrotsolin kehonrakennus

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor. In simple terms, it blocks functioning of aromatase enzyme, which is responsible for converting testosterone to estradiol. The drug is used during cycle with aromatizable anabolic steroids to reduce the negative effects of estrogen on the body.

Initially we should discuss the positive and negative effects of estrogen on the male body. Estrogens play an important role in various functions of the male and female body. The general health of the athlete and his results depend on these very functions.

Positive Effects of Estrogens:

  • play an important role in the immune system;
  • necessary in the nutrition of bone tissue;
  • have a positive effect on cholesterol levels;
  • necessary for the production of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF);
  • play an important role in maintaining the “fluid balance” in the body at the proper level;
  • help to absorb glucose;
  • support sex drive.

Negative aspects of increased estrogen levels:

  • retain fluid in the body, swelling;
  • fatigue and increased muscle blockage during training;
  • acne that has not been previously observed;
  • the risk of prostate cancer increases;
  • blood clotting increases;
  • the risk of cardiovascular disease increases;
  • the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure) increases;
  • the risk of stroke increases;
  • cause gynecomastia (swelling and itching in the nipple area, breast enlargement);
  • decreased sexual desire;
  • female obesity;
  • extra sweating;
  • possible sleep disturbances;
  • can provoke hair loss;
  • possible disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


With the help of aromatase inhibitors, the level of estrogens is controlled. The competent use of anastrozole allows not only to counteract aromatization, but also to simultaneously increase the level of free testosterone. If you follow the dosage regimen, the agent will be perfectly tolerated by the body, without any negative effects.

The drug Anastrozole was invented at the end of the last century, its original purpose – the treatment of breast cancer. The effectiveness of the drug in this area has been proven, this contributed to its popularity in sports when using anabolic steroids by athletes.

Anastrozole in bodybuilding is used when the athlete begins to use anabolic steroids, which prone to aromatization, such as testosterone and danabol. This steroids may cause gynecomastia. In simple terms, this is the growth of the mammary gland. That is why many athletes take anastrozole during steroid cycles.

It suppresses the enzyme, interfering with the destruction of testosterone and the production of estrogen. The main effect of anastrozole is:

  • prevention of fluid retention;
  • suppression of the production of female hormones;
  • stimulation of natural testosterone production;
  • prevention of testicular atrophy;
  • increased libido in men;
  • prevention of gynecomastia;
  • improving muscle tone;
  • an increase in the level of anabolic hormones in the blood;
  • prevention of hypertension.

To avoid serious side effects on the testosterone and danabol cycle, anastrozole should be used immediately. It is easier to prevent the development of serious diseases than to cure them.

Possible side effects of anastrozole

Any medicine has both positive effect and negative one. Problems can arise if the athlete exceeds the recommended dose or takes the drug for too long. For the normal functioning of the male body, estrogens are necessary. If you take anastrozole for a long time and uncontrollably on the cycle of anabolic steroids, the level of this hormone can reach critically low levels.

This can cause a number of side effects:

  • memory impairment,
  • apathy, drowsiness,
  • fatigue;
  • frequent mood swings up to depression;
  • violation of oxygen metabolism in tissues;
  • deterioration of blood clotting;
  • violation of the functionality of nerve cells;
  •  joint pain;
  • decreased bone strength (osteoporosis);
  • headache, dizziness;
  • decreased libido;
  • low sperm motility;
  • increase in blood cholesterol levels;
  • anemia, thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis;
  • skin rashes and itching;
  • thinning hair, baldness;
  • lack of appetite while gaining weight;
  • liver disease.

All this suggests that anastrozole in bodybuilding should be used with caution, blood counts should be monitored, and the recommendations of professionals should be followed.

How to use anastrozole on the cycle of anabolic steroids?

If you don’t use aromatizable steroids, then you probably won’t need the drug. And if you do steroid cycle with testosterone, then you cannot do without anastrozole.

It can be used even before the cycle of anabolic steroids in case your level of aromatization is increased, as can be seen from the analyzes. You do not need to take this drug at random. Anastrozole is also used during PCT to reduce the level of aromatization, if this occurs and is monitored by tests for Estradiol.

Anastrozole can be taken at any time of the day, but the maximum effect can be achieved when taken on an empty stomach. If you drink a medicine with plenty of water, it will be absorbed faster and penetrate into the bloodstream. When using testosterone, anastrozole is taken both on different days and every day, it all depends on your level of aromatization, which proceeds differently for everyone due to individual characteristics, as well as depending on the dosage of testosterone and its ester.

You should take Anastrozole during the whole period of steroid action. For example, when using testosterone propionate, anastrozole must be taken up to the fifth day after the last injection. And after long estered testosterones (enanthate, decanoate, cypionate, sustanon, etc.), anastrozole has to be taken for the third week after the last injection, and sometimes longer.

If you take steroids with a short half-life (methandrostenolone), then start taking anastrozole with a lower dosage and frequency (0.5 mg three times a week or every other day). After 15-20 days of administration, the blood test should be repeated.

When using testosterone propionate, for example, 100 mg. / every other day, the dosage of anastrozole can be 0.5 mg every other day, or every day 0.5 mg, or 1 mg every day, and the last intake of anastrozole should be on the fifth day after the last injections.

If you are using long-ester steroids, then start taking anastrozole few days after the first injection, and after two to three weeks check with the aim of adjusting the dosage, and the subsequent recheck should be done at least once a month.

It is important to carefully monitor your body in order to timely determine the imbalances in the hormonal background and timely prevent the occurrence of side effects, changing the frequency of taking accompanying drugs, up to their cancellation.


During post-cycle therapy, anastrozole is not used if the level of aromatization is not rises above the permissible values. It is not permissible to replace anastrozole with tamoxifen, since they have mutually exclusive effect.



Insulin in bodybuilding

Why is insulin needed and how does it work?

Insulin is a peptide hormone, formed in the beta cells of the islets of Langerhans of the pancreas. It has a multifaceted effect on metabolism in almost all tissues. The main action of insulin is to lower the concentration of glucose in the blood. In bodybuilding, insulin is used due to its pronounced anabolic effect.

Insulin increases the permeability of plasma membranes for glucose, activates key glycolysis enzymes, stimulates the formation of glycogen from glucose in the liver and muscles, and enhances the synthesis of fats and proteins. In addition, insulin inhibits the activity of enzymes that break down glycogen and fats. That is, in addition to the anabolic effect, insulin also has an anti-catabolic effect.

The transport of glucose in two types of tissues depends to the greatest extent on insulin: muscle tissue and adipose tissue – this is the so-called. insulin-dependent tissues.

Insulin effects

  • increased absorption of glucose and other substances by cells;
  • activation of key glycolysis enzymes;
  • an increase in the intensity of glycogen synthesis – insulin accelerates the storage of glucose by liver and muscle cells by polymerizing it into glycogen;
  • a decrease in the intensity of gluconeogenesis – the formation of glucose in the liver from various substances of a non-carbohydrate nature (proteins and fats) decreases.

Anabolic action of insulin

  • enhances the absorption of amino acids by cells (especially leucine and valine);
  • enhances the transport of potassium ions into the cell, as well as magnesium and phosphate;
  • enhances DNA replication and protein biosynthesis;
  • enhances the synthesis of fatty acids and their subsequent esterification – in adipose tissue and in the liver, insulin promotes the conversion of glucose into triglycerides; with a lack of insulin, the opposite occurs – the mobilization of fats.

Insulin anti-catabolic action

  • inhibits protein hydrolysis – reduces protein degradation;
  • reduces lipolysis – reduces the flow of fatty acids into the blood.

The Dangers of Using Insulin

Perhaps the main factor in insulin’s bad reputation is the risk of hypoglycemia. On any forum, you can find messages of a warning nature, as if even a slight excess of the dose of insulin could be fatal. However, scientific and practical evidence suggests otherwise: the lowest lethal dose of insulin is 100 U, that is, a full insulin syringe. Many people survive even after 3000 IU doses! But in the event of a serious insulin overdose, there is no time to call an ambulance in a clear consciousness. Depending on the degree of overdose, it takes from several minutes to several hours to the development of a coma, so even lethal doses of insulin do not cause death if the timely flow of glucose into the blood begins.

What insulin is used in bodybuilding

In bodybuilding, short-acting and ultra-short-acting insulin should be used:

Short-acting insulin

Short insulin begins to act when injected subcutaneously after 30 minutes (therefore, it is administered 30-40 minutes before meals), the peak of action occurs after 2 hours, disappears from the body after 5-6 hours.

The best choice:

  • Humulin Regular
  • Actrapid HM

Ultra-short-acting insulin

Ultra-short insulin begins to act in 0-15 minutes, peak in 2 hours, disappear from the body in 3-4 hours. It is more physiological and can be administered immediately before a meal (5-10 minutes) or immediately after a meal.

The best choice:

  • Insulin aspart (NovoRapid Penfill, NovoRapid FlexPen).
  • Insulin lispro (Humalog)
  • Insulin glulisine (Apidra) are all semi-synthetic analogs of human insulin.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Insulin


  • Low cost of the cycle
  • Availability – the drug can be purchased freely at the pharmacy
  • High quality – counterfeits are practically excluded, unlike steroids
  • Lack of toxicity, low frequency of side effects, almost complete absence of the consequences of the course
  • Pronounced anabolic effect
  • Can be combined with anabolic steroids and other drugs
  • Lack of androgenic effects
  • Insulin DOES NOT have a toxic effect on the liver or kidneys, and also DOES NOT CAUSE sexual dysfunction.


  • Complex reception scheme
  • Significant fat gain
  • Hypoglycemia


Hypoglycemia or a decrease in the concentration of glucose in the blood, which entails all other manifestations. Hypoglycemia can be easily prevented, read about it in the main article – Hypoglycemia.

Itching in the area of ​​the injection

Allergy – extremely rare

Decreased endogenous insulin secretion – occurs only with very long courses with high doses of insulin

A decrease in endogenous insulin secretion occurs only during exogenous use of insulin (duration of action of short-acting or ultra-short-acting insulin). Insulin, unlike other endocrine hormones, is not regulated by the hypothalamic-pituitary system and does not have a feedback principle. The only stimulators of insulin synthesis are the level of glycemia and food intake (through the mechanism of the secretin cascade). Therefore, even a very long-term use of insulin does not change its secretion, after its withdrawal. But this is not a positive quality of the use of this hormone, since the risk of developing hypoglycemic conditions is very high !! To stop hypoglycemia, it is necessary to use fast carbohydrates, and since short or ultrashort insulin is used, all fast carbohydrates entering the bloodstream are carried away in the process of lipogenesis in adipose tissue. Excessive use of insulin, its “overdose” leads to an increase in fat reserves. As an anabolic hormone, it is weak, but hypoglycemia leads to the release of growth hormone, which has an anabolic effect.



Clomid ja nolvadex PCT: lle

clomid nolvadex pct

Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) and Clomid for PCT

In this article we will try to figure out the difference between Tamoxifen and Clomid, as well as which one is better and more effective for PCT. There is a lot of disagreement on this topic and it often happens that opinions differ greatly. The correctness of the choice always ensures an effective recovery period after the cycle, and this is the most important thing on the PCT.


Clomiphene citrate, also known as Clomid, as well as Tamoxifen previously known as Nolvadex, belong to antiestrogenic drugs. They are almost identical in structure, and belong to the group of specific estrogen receptors modulators. Their effect is focused on blocking the hormone estrogen by intimate association with receptors. For men, both remedies prevent the feedback of estrogen hormones on the hypothalamus and cause the production of gonadoliberin. For some reason, almost all bodybuilders are sure that only Clomid is able to stimulate natural testosterone. But practice has shown that Tamoxifen does an excellent job with this task.

In the late 70s, serious research was carried out at the University of Ghent, located in Belgium, which confirmed the advantages of Nolvadex over Clomid – in terms of increasing the amount of its own hormone testosterone in the body. Scientists were interested in the result of taking drugs when they influence the functioning of the endocrine system. It was found that if you take Nolvadex for 10 days with a daily dosage of 20 mg, you can actually increase the presence of testosterone inside the serum by as much as 142%. For comparison, Clomid in this variant would need to be taken at 150 mg daily. If we consider the price of both drugs, then we will understand how profitable it is to take Nolvadex.


The difference of Clomid (clomiphene) and nolvadex (tamoxifen)

Clomid tends to affect estrogen receptors directly in the pituitary gland and ovaries. The drug has no effect on the amount of estrogen in the blood.

Nolvadex or Tamoxifen blocks all types of receptors. Experts call Clomid a selective blocker, while Nolvadex is indiscriminate one. In simple words, Nolvadex tends to bind to estrogen receptors located throughout the athlete’s body. Clomid effectively fights the inhibitory effect of estrogens on the normal functioning of the pituitary gland and hypothalamus. Nolvadex also allows you to restore natural testosterone in the shortest possible time.

It should be said about the disadvantages of Tamoxifen. It is quite toxic and can cause lack of appetite during the cycle, unpleasant nausea, and increases the risk of thrombosis. Since this modern drug increases the number of progesterone receptors, it is not recommended to use it along with progestogenic steroids, like Anapolone, various forms of Trenbolone and Nandrolones.




Why might Tamoxifen be a better choice than Clomid? There are a number of reasons for this, which we will provide below.


Tamoxifen can restore the required amount of the testosterone hormone in the athlete’s body, with  less critical effects on the pituitary gland than Clomid.

Tamoxifen reduces the amount of bad cholesterol, which is important for all athletes taking steroids.

Clomid has the ability to increase globulin levels, which is directly related to testosterone. This is bad for an athlete’s weight gain.

In terms of pricing, the cost advantage is again on the side of Tamoxifen, since Clomid is more expensive drug.

Common disadvantages

Both drugs have some drawbacks. When taken, they inhibit the normal functioning of the testicles, suppress the production of insulin-like growth factor, increase the level of globulin in the body (which bind sex hormones), and increases the concentration of estrogens by several times. And one more important point – you cannot take both drugs for too long

How and When to Take Nolvadex (Tamoxifen)

During a cycle of strong anabolic steroids, it is strongly recommended to use aromatase inhibitors. The most famous of them is probably Proviron, known to many athletes. It causes a slight increase of testosterone in the blood due to the inhibition of the undesirable of aromatization. Also it does not have a negative effect on the production of growth hormone.

At the final week and 2 more weeks after the cycle, it is necessary to take Tamoxifen as the main component of the PCT. If aromatase inhibitors are not used, one should start taking Nolvadex on the 2nd week of the cycle, and continue up to 2 – 3 weeks after the end of the cycle. In this case, 10 to 20 mg of the drug should be used daily.

There is no need to take aromatase inhibitors if non-aromatizable steroids are used. It is wise to introduce Tamoxifen exclusively at the end of the cycle.