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Marvelous sex and love drug Cabergoline (cabaser, dostinex). Much better than viagra ))

Cabergoline (cabaser and dostinex brand names) is very prominent drug. It is not a secret that heavy steroid cycles affect your libido in negative way, especially cycles with deca. Therefore, it is critically important to follow correct PCT (post cycle therapy) protocol after each cycle, maybe with except of some light ones, clomiphen, tamoxifen and HCG are common part of it.

However, there is one great product, which is not directly linked to bodybuilding or steroids but can enormously increase and brighten your sex life. It’s major action is to decrease prolactin levels in your body. Unlike classic ED drugs it’s not only producing erection on demand but also makes you feeling horny, totally polygamous and experiencing desire and interest towards females in general. I can say that it’s a mix of well-known v-ra and melanotan 2 but with much more prolonged effect, every 0.5 mg (1/4 of the pill) is sufficient or 10 days (!!!). You start feeling effect after 1-2 intakes (1-2 weeks of usage) as your prolactin levels go down.

Let me quote one of our customers.

I am 40 y.o. married male, work out occasionally, a bit overweighted and last steroid cycle was several years ago. I often cheated my wife and had sex with many girls over last 5 years but no one of them made me feel like a ‘fire’ in my trousers. No love, no strong attraction just plain sex to drop pressure from the balls. Meet easy and forget easy. The same true to my attitudes towards my wife – no feelings at all. We were on the edge of divorce. I felt boring.

I experimented with various ED drugs as well as with MT and similar. It had only short-term effect. But once I tried a cabaser. OMG, effect was incredible! I started feeling again! Love, jealousy, desire to find a girl, desire to go out and do something, desire to hug and kiss and so on. It was like in my 20s when I spent plenty of time hanging out with chicks instead of work and career. As a bonus – erection got much stronger and recovery time notably reduced, like 20 years ago. Amazingly, all this energy was directed towards the closest object – my wife, who became again the most desired women for me and now I want sex with her more than she can afford :). Anyway, love is all about chemistry, isn’t it?

end of quote.

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