Nåle med sprøyte 2 ml / 5 ml 25 gauge 1 tomme, insulinsprøyte

Nåle med sprøyte 2 ml / 5 ml 25 gauge 1 tomme, insulinsprøyte

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Application of disposable syringes in medicine plays a very important role. They are used both for the administration of drugs and medicines into a human body and for taking blood tests from patient’s body. In old times, reusable syringes, glass syringes have been used. But their sterilization is a troublesome process and does not give a complete guarantee of complete neutralization of the danger of many dangerous diseases that are transmitted through blood. Such as HIV/AIDS, Influenza, Hepatitis, etc. Disposable syringes with needles have completely replaced old syringes and offer reliable safety.

Insulin syringe with removable needle

An error when filling a medicine with such a syringe device is insignificant, which is extremely important for diabetics (errors in a dosage of the drug can lead to serious health consequences). Syringe needle can be easily removed, syringe piston moves smoothly, without hitching — it is possible to accurately observe the required dosage of a drug from a glass vial or ampoule.

A 3-component syringe made of safe (even with long-term therapy) materials. Painless injection of drugs due to smooth running and special sharpening of a needle pin. Full administration of injecting hormone is sure due to no presence of dead volume, thanks to a special design, which prevents the risk of decompensation.

Important recomendations

Pierce the cork of a vial containing insulin with a needle after you pulled a syringe plunger to a desired mark on the scale;

turn a bottle vertically (stopper positioned down) and then draw the drug.

If the air gets into a flask when drawing hormone, you need to turn your syringe with a needle up and tap it with your finger. The air moves up and easily releases from the syringe. For this reason, you need to take a little more hormone for the injection than you need for one injection.

People with diabetes usually have too dry and dehydrated skin. Before injection, in addition to treating choosen injection spot with alcohol, you need to additionally soften human skin by wiping it with warm water and soap.

Insert needle at an angle of 45 or 75 degrees during injection. It is necessary to form a skinfold with a free hand. This insertion of the needle ensures that all amount of hormone gets under patient’s skin and not into a muscle tissue.

Important: The insulin hormone should be injected only subcutaneously to achieve the fastest possible drugeffect.

Do not remove the needle immediately after injection. In order for insulin to be well absorbed, the needle must not be removed until after 10 seconds, and 15 seconds for the elderly after the injection.

It is important for all diabetics to learn how to use an insulin syringe correctly, following all the recommendations so that the action of insulin hormone is as effective as possible.

The Injection site for medium duration insulin is thigh or buttock; short-acting insulin is injected into the stomach.

Insulin should be injected into a healthy subcutaneous tissue, intradermal and intramuscular injection, as well as scars and areas of lipohypertrophy, should be avoided.

Always observe correct alternation of injection sites to prevent the development of lipohypertrophy. Lipohypertrophy leads to impaired insulin absorption and glycemic variability. It is important to enter each injection at a distance of at least 1 cm from the previous injection and to use available injection sites.

Essential rules for preparing an insulin solution for injection must be observed.

The first component of the injection is short-acting insulin, then take a portion of the long-acting hormone.

Short and medium-acting insulin can be stored up to three hours in a syringe.

Important! It is forbidden to mix medium-acting insulin with a long-acting hormone.

Buy diabetic needles online

You can purchase insulin syringes online on 24horsppc org at reasonable prices and follow the instructions. They are easy to use, disposable and of the best quality.

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