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How to buy steroids with VISA

You cannot buy steroids with Visa, however, you can instantly buy Bitcoins with Visa/MC to purchase steroids afterwards. Check this out.

And for those, who still want to trick the rules: VISA and MasterCard STRICTLY PROHIBIT selling steroids with credit card, full stop. Actually, this ban has been implemented for all  controlled substances, which appear DEA Schedule list. They have such policy since 2007 due to US government pressure. Personally, I used to know a couple of sites who overruled this even after the ban came in force by cheating VISA somehow, but they didn’t sustain for a long.

So if you see any “steroid” site, who openly offers you credit card as a payment method – this is a scam with 99.99% guarantee.  Exceptions are so rare and their lifetime is so short that you have virtually no chance to find one. For instance, scam site and it’s affiliates sell cheap vitamins / food supplements under steroid-like brand names and substantial prices. Vitamins are useful for your health, of course, but there are absolutely no steroids inside and they produce zero mass-building effect that’s why police and Visa let them to work.

Don’t let to fool you, and  don’t buy such tricky slogans as “legal steroids” or “buy steroids with VISA”. And check every supplier at review sites.

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P.S. If you still wanna purchase sitting at your PC, we can offer one of the many methods where you can use your card indirectly


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