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Musculation anastrozole

Anastrozole is an aromatase inhibitor. In simple terms, it blocks functioning of aromatase enzyme, which is responsible for converting testosterone to estradiol. The drug is used during cycle with aromatizable anabolic steroids to reduce the negative effects of estrogen on the body.

Initially we should discuss the positive and negative effects of estrogen on the male body. Estrogens play an important role in various functions of the male and female body. The general health of the athlete and his results depend on these very functions.

Positive Effects of Estrogens:

  • play an important role in the immune system;
  • necessary in the nutrition of bone tissue;
  • have a positive effect on cholesterol levels;
  • necessary for the production of growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor (IGF);
  • play an important role in maintaining the “fluid balance” in the body at the proper level;
  • help to absorb glucose;
  • support sex drive.

Negative aspects of increased estrogen levels:

  • retain fluid in the body, swelling;
  • fatigue and increased muscle blockage during training;
  • acne that has not been previously observed;
  • the risk of prostate cancer increases;
  • blood clotting increases;
  • the risk of cardiovascular disease increases;
  • the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure) increases;
  • the risk of stroke increases;
  • cause gynecomastia (swelling and itching in the nipple area, breast enlargement);
  • decreased sexual desire;
  • female obesity;
  • extra sweating;
  • possible sleep disturbances;
  • can provoke hair loss;
  • possible disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


With the help of aromatase inhibitors, the level of estrogens is controlled. The competent use of anastrozole allows not only to counteract aromatization, but also to simultaneously increase the level of free testosterone. If you follow the dosage regimen, the agent will be perfectly tolerated by the body, without any negative effects.

The drug Anastrozole was invented at the end of the last century, its original purpose – the treatment of breast cancer. The effectiveness of the drug in this area has been proven, this contributed to its popularity in sports when using anabolic steroids by athletes.

Anastrozole in bodybuilding is used when the athlete begins to use anabolic steroids, which prone to aromatization, such as testosterone and danabol. This steroids may cause gynecomastia. In simple terms, this is the growth of the mammary gland. That is why many athletes take anastrozole during steroid cycles.

It suppresses the enzyme, interfering with the destruction of testosterone and the production of estrogen. The main effect of anastrozole is:

  • prevention of fluid retention;
  • suppression of the production of female hormones;
  • stimulation of natural testosterone production;
  • prevention of testicular atrophy;
  • increased libido in men;
  • prevention of gynecomastia;
  • improving muscle tone;
  • an increase in the level of anabolic hormones in the blood;
  • prevention of hypertension.

To avoid serious side effects on the testosterone and danabol cycle, anastrozole should be used immediately. It is easier to prevent the development of serious diseases than to cure them.

Possible side effects of anastrozole

Any medicine has both positive effect and negative one. Problems can arise if the athlete exceeds the recommended dose or takes the drug for too long. For the normal functioning of the male body, estrogens are necessary. If you take anastrozole for a long time and uncontrollably on the cycle of anabolic steroids, the level of this hormone can reach critically low levels.

This can cause a number of side effects:

  • memory impairment,
  • apathy, drowsiness,
  • fatigue;
  • frequent mood swings up to depression;
  • violation of oxygen metabolism in tissues;
  • deterioration of blood clotting;
  • violation of the functionality of nerve cells;
  •  joint pain;
  • decreased bone strength (osteoporosis);
  • headache, dizziness;
  • decreased libido;
  • low sperm motility;
  • increase in blood cholesterol levels;
  • anemia, thromboembolism, thrombophlebitis;
  • skin rashes and itching;
  • thinning hair, baldness;
  • lack of appetite while gaining weight;
  • liver disease.

All this suggests that anastrozole in bodybuilding should be used with caution, blood counts should be monitored, and the recommendations of professionals should be followed.

How to use anastrozole on the cycle of anabolic steroids?

If you don’t use aromatizable steroids, then you probably won’t need the drug. And if you do steroid cycle with testosterone, then you cannot do without anastrozole.

It can be used even before the cycle of anabolic steroids in case your level of aromatization is increased, as can be seen from the analyzes. You do not need to take this drug at random. Anastrozole is also used during PCT to reduce the level of aromatization, if this occurs and is monitored by tests for Estradiol.

Anastrozole can be taken at any time of the day, but the maximum effect can be achieved when taken on an empty stomach. If you drink a medicine with plenty of water, it will be absorbed faster and penetrate into the bloodstream. When using testosterone, anastrozole is taken both on different days and every day, it all depends on your level of aromatization, which proceeds differently for everyone due to individual characteristics, as well as depending on the dosage of testosterone and its ester.

You should take Anastrozole during the whole period of steroid action. For example, when using testosterone propionate, anastrozole must be taken up to the fifth day after the last injection. And after long estered testosterones (enanthate, decanoate, cypionate, sustanon, etc.), anastrozole has to be taken for the third week after the last injection, and sometimes longer.

If you take steroids with a short half-life (methandrostenolone), then start taking anastrozole with a lower dosage and frequency (0.5 mg three times a week or every other day). After 15-20 days of administration, the blood test should be repeated.

When using testosterone propionate, for example, 100 mg. / every other day, the dosage of anastrozole can be 0.5 mg every other day, or every day 0.5 mg, or 1 mg every day, and the last intake of anastrozole should be on the fifth day after the last injections.

If you are using long-ester steroids, then start taking anastrozole few days after the first injection, and after two to three weeks check with the aim of adjusting the dosage, and the subsequent recheck should be done at least once a month.

It is important to carefully monitor your body in order to timely determine the imbalances in the hormonal background and timely prevent the occurrence of side effects, changing the frequency of taking accompanying drugs, up to their cancellation.


During post-cycle therapy, anastrozole is not used if the level of aromatization is not rises above the permissible values. It is not permissible to replace anastrozole with tamoxifen, since they have mutually exclusive effect.