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Cheap steroids

Some people blame us that our prices are “high” without looking at our discounts and learning our products. OK, here they go – check out our “Cheap vet grade” category. Low listing price. No discounts. No complains. Plain and simple- just like with our cheap competitors. However, unlike them, we also offer perfect human grade quality products at real price. Check other categories.

Just to explain, you can purchase iPhone for $500 from Apple. You can purchase iPhone for $100 from “generic” manufacturer, who claims that this is wonderful and perfect product. It’ll have the same logo. It’ll have the same outlook. However, there’s no iPhone for $100. Yes, it should work, you can make calls, take photos and chat with your friends at FB. But there will be slower CPU, less RAM, less internal memory, low resolution camera. Pics will be blurred. Apps will load slowly or not load at all. Device gonna stack often. But if you can afford this- go for $100 iPhone.

We must compete with Mexican “kitchen-style” underground labs. We must compete with cheap Chinese laboratories. Their sellers often deliberately lie about quality assuring you everything is flawless and you get huge muscles with no side and pain.  However, remember, there’s no iPhone for $100. There’s certain value of substance itself, you will not get oxandrolone at the value of methandienone. There’s certain value of oils/powders. There’s certain value of machinery. There’s certain value of sterile laboratory and experienced personnel. Low cost products mean lower manufacturing standards. Not always, but they can switch substances, you think you were lucky purchasing cheap turinabol but in fact you purchased tabs with methandienone or even methyltestosterone. Not always, but they can use cheap painful or even infected oils and dirty machines. It’s much better to purchase human pharm grade drugs, preferably from well-known manufacturers. The choice is up to you, but better do not trust all these “extremely beneficial” offers, especially from UG Labs. We are at least honest with you and provide in this category only trusted brands from legal manufacturers who maintain vet-grade standards. Quite possible to use for 1-2 cycles a year.