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Oral turinabol standalone cycle

This is message by one of our customers 20 y.o.  Oral :turinabol: Balkan used, 7-8 weeks. Keep in mind that turinabol is for strength, not actual mass-gains, but I am still a bit wondered with such increase in power:

just finished my first cycle of turanabol. i did 4 pills a day and  toward the end 5 pills a day. the results were absolutely amazing. it took  maybe 3 weeks till i started to really know a difference but my squat went  from 180 to 220 for 12 reps. i can finally bench 220   10 reps. mind you that i only weight 152 pounds . i only gained around 3 pounds. there were no bad side effects like pains or anything like that. i did notice that things  would irritate me alittle more then usual. and my sex drive completely  change. after 2 weeks i noticed i craved to have sex and i was doing it  with 2 different girls a day lol. but overall great cycle.

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