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RXlogs review

Some time ago I came across RXlogs post about our company

24hoursppc Review – Potentially Illegally Operated, Be Cautious

I made reasonable and very polite comment at their site but they quickly deleted it, which made me believe that is not honest “pharmacy evaluation” platform but merely lobbists of their own set of sites, which makes favor to them by bogus critics of all others, just like LegitScript and some others.In fact, Mr. Stephen K. Walker made rather biased “review” without deep examination of the subject, which shows that he is very far, far away from the steroid industry and certainly far from medicine.

Let me answer step-by-step
> company does not accept credit card as a form of payment.

True. Visa and Mastercard does not accept steroids – in any way.

> they only accept Bitcoin, which is a digital cryptocurrency.

Deliberate lie. We have plenty of payment methods available.

> – return address will not be listed
> – bookmark their hidden website address, because this website is where “Big brother” can’t spy on you.
> – discreet shipping,
> considering their shady outlook on credit cards and the post office, we wouldn’t be surprised if the site was involved in illegal scams.

In fact, for our industry all these things are bonus, not a problem. If someone does not want discreet shipping and safe communication – he may go to nearby pharmacy and try to purchase everything over here.If delivering paid product is considered by Mr. Stephen K. Walker as illegal scams – I am afraid to suggest what his own sites should be doing.

> Then, we came across, where we could see the trustworthiness of analyzed before us.

Such sites like scamadviser, mywot or drugbuyers are sophisticated marketing tools again made in order to promote some of their own friendly or paid sites. Just as an example, they mark all Nazi or radical Islamic sites as “rogue” and “scam” disregarding fact that they do not sell anything. All these votes comes merely from tehir “politically correct” views, which does not allow any political controvercy or dealing with anything that their moms won’t approve 🙂

> even if the products are real, the company is potentially illegally operated, and it’s in your best intention to stay clear of it.

The last thing to mention is that we oprate in perfect compliance with export regulations in the countries we ship from.Also we never deal with narcotics or other mind-altering substances.

Yours Faithfully,