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SP TROPIN HGH SP laboratories (Moldova)


jintropin somatropine GenSci (China)

Jintropin [HGH] (Somatotropine) GenSci (China)

jintropin AQ 30 IU pen

Jintropin AQ 30 IU pen GenSci (China)

Saizen (HGH, Human Growth Hormone) [Somatropin] Merck Serono

Genotropin (HGH, Human Growth Hormone) [Somatropin] Pfitzer

HGH (Human Growth Hormone) [Somatropin] [Kigtropin] Kigtropin (China)




Kigtropinis one of the Chinese brands that produces HGH. It has good quality and the lowest price on the market. Nowadays HGH (human growth hormone, Somatropin,somatotropin,somatotropic hormone, STH) is made by recombinant DNA technology. It is a natural peptide hormone of pituitary, which releases it in response to definite stimuli (e.g. training, sleep, stress, lowlevels blood sugar level).

Growth Hormone (HGH) in Sports

The major application of somatotropin in sport pharmacology is the formation of muscle relief. This term originates from Latin “soma”– body, due to its property to induce linear growth in young people.

The effects of somatotropin

  • Induces muscle growth
  • Reduces destruction of muscles (anticatabolic property)
  • Fat burning properties
  • Accelerates regeneration processes(wound healing)
  • Rejuvenating properties
  • Induces repeated growth of internal organs, subjected to age related atrophy
  • Stimulates bone growth and increases growth in young people under 26 y.o. (up to the closure of growth zones)
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Increases thelevels of blood glucose
  • Improves immunity

One should mention that almost all the effects of HGH are performed by insulin-like growth factor IGF-1 (aka somatomedin C). It is a peptide hormone, which liver produces in response to HGH. However, liver can release only limited amount of this substance, which becomes a limitation of HGH effects.

Growth Hormone in Bodybuilding

In the very beginninggrowth hormone had only medical application. However due to its anabolic and fat burning properties it quickly came into sport pharmacology. Initially growth hormone preparations were the extract of pituitary gland from cadavers. It is in 1981 that recombinant HGH became available.

In 1989 Olympic Committee bannedsomatotropin. Despite this fact the usage of HGH as a doping have increased several times for the last decades. This is probably due to inability to detect it during doping tests. In bodybuilding it found its place in combinations with different anabolic steroids.

Strengthening of connective tissue, tendons, and cartilages is probably the major reason of significant increase in strength. Many bodybuilders and powerlifters report that the usage of HGH along with steroids prevents from injuries while inereasing strength.

Fat burning and increase of lean muscle mass

Growth hormone became popular in sports due to its ability to decrease the amount of subcutaneous fat. The study conducted in 2017 showed that obese men taking the growth hormone for 6 weeks had significant decrease of adipose tissue in the abdominal region. As it turns body fat into energy, it allows the athlete to increase caloric intake.

Additionally different studies showed that somatotropin usage leads toincrease of lean muscle mass, enlargement of muscle cells and muscle hyperplasia(increase in the number of muscle cells). The latter effect is of special importance, as one cannot get this effect with steroids. Probably that is why athletes call it the strongest anabolic hormone.

As we mentioned above, due to strengthening of bones, tendons and cartilages it reduces the incidence of injuries. One should also mention that growth hormone speeds up the recovery of wounds and traumas.

The reasons why HGH fails to work

There are people who tried HGH and were disappointed by its results. This has a logical explanation.

  • Since HGH is a rather expensive substance, not everyone can afford it. So, the athlete simply had no sufficient amount of HGH to fulfill the cycle.
  • Due to high price it is actively counterfeited, therefore there is a risk to buy counterfeited product.
  • In rare cases the organism can develop antibodies against exogenous HGH, which makes it ineffective.
  • While taking HGH the body requires more thyroid hormones, insulin, corticosteroids, gonadotropins, estrogens, androgens and anabolics.

This is why solo usage of growth hormone is less efficient than in combination with such additive substances as steroids, thyorid hormones, and insulin.

One can achieve the maximum anabolic effect by using a combination of HGH, insulin, and LT-3 thyroid hormone (Cytomel). Only in this case liver can produce the optimal amount of somatomedins and IGF-1. However, before using the combination of these three hormones you should consult your doctor.

You can further enhance the anabolic effect by using anticatabolic substances such as Clenbuterol. This combination can produce a synergetic effect. If you combine Clenbuterol with HGH, you should know that Clenbuterol (like Ephedrine)can reduce the production of insulin and L-T3.


Growth hormone doesn’t cause steroid-specific sideeffects, i.e. reduction of testosterone production, acne, baldness, high level of aggression, increased estrogen level, virilization(in females), water retention etc.

The major side effects of HGH are low level of blood glucose (hypoglycemia) and inadequate thyroid function. In rare casesthe body can develop antibodies against HGH, however it has no clinical issues.

There are rumors that the use of exogenous HGH can turn you into Neanderthal looking giant (acromegaly), but it’s not true. Firstly, the elongation of bones (linear growth) is possible only up to puberty. After that, the closure of growth zones occurs and the bones may become thicker only.

Secondly, such scary stories as acromegaly, diabetes, thyroid insufficiency, heart hypertrophy, high blood pressure and enlargement of kidneys are possible only in case of prolonged and excessive usage. In reality you may encounter headaches, nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances during the 1stweeks of usage. However, in most cases these symptoms may quickly disappear during the cycle.

The most common problems may appear when you use insulin along with HGH. Therefore, you should do such cycle under surveillance of your doctor.

Dosering og bruk

Since there are no scientific data as to HGH usage for performance improvement, we can rely only on empirical data.

For medical application (e.g. hypophysially stunted growth) the recommended dose is 0.3 I.U/ week per pound of body weight. That is a 200-pound athlete should take 60 I.U. a week. You should divide the weekly dosage into 3 portions 20 I.U. each.

One can do subcutaneous injections, however, in this case you should do 8 I.U. daily. The dosage may vary from4 to 16 I.U. a day. Small subcutaneous injections are more preferable for the body since it is more natural, than one big injection.

As HGH’s half lifeis less than an hour, some athletes divide their daily dose into 3-4 subcutaneous injections of 2-4 I.U. each. This scheme provides most effective results and it has a simple explanation.

Since liver produces a limited amount of somatomedins (including IGF 1) large doses of HGH cannot force the liver to produce more than it has. However small regular doses let the liver to recover and replenish its reserve of somatomedins.

Remember that the lowest effective dosage starts at 4 I.U. daily. The length of a cycle depends on the financial resources of an athlete. It may vary from 6 weeks to several months.


The major application of growth hormone in sports is obtaining muscular relief. It is highly efficient, has low frequency of side effects, does not cause sexual dysfunctions, does not produce androgenic side-effects, there is no need for PCT, potent fat burner.


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10 X 4 IU Vials (40 IU), 10 X 10 IU Vials (100 IU), 20 X 10 IU Vials (200 IU), 30 X 10 IU Vials (300 IU), 40 X 10 IU Vials (400 IU), 1 syringe 12 mg (36 IU), 2 syringes 12 mg (72 IU), 30 IU pen, 40 X 10 IU Vials (400 IU) & 10 FACE MASKS – PARTICULATE RESPIRATOR KN95, 1 kit x 1mg, totally 1 mg, 3 kits x 1mg, totally 3 mg


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