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Jintropin AQ 30 IU pen GenSci (China)

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Buy injectable human growth hormone

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a substance called Somatropin/Somatotropic Hormone. It plays vital role in the development of human’s body and metabolism through the whole life.

HGH is a natural pituitary hormone. In the past it used to taken from corpses but since 1981 HGH is manufactured by using recombinant DNA technology. It comes for sale in injectable form, both – powder and ready-made liquid.

HGH is responsible for growth and development of different tissues as well as for burning fat. Proper HGH use, especially in combination with anabolic steroids, can increase your muscle size while making you rip and definite at the same time. If you want to reach success in bodybuilding – the answer is to buy hgh growth hormone or buy human growth hormone injections.

There is following hormonal chain in the body GHRF (growth hormone releasing factor -> HGH (growth hormone) -> IGF (insulin-like growth factor) -> MGF (mechanical growth factor). Each one works on it’s unique field as well as by triggering next hormone production. The best effect and steady levels are achieved if some of them are combined.

There following key advantages of HGH injections online.

  • HGH induces muscle’s growth
  • Somatropin prevents muscle decrease in size and destruction.
  • It possesses unique fat-burning property.
  • HGH helps for wound healing, including microtrauma. It faciliates regeneration processes.
  • It has strong Rejuvenating and restoring abilities
  • HGH can induce repeated growth of internal organs affected by age related atrophy
  • Human Growth Hormone improves bone growth, especially in young people who are under 26 y.o.i.e.while growth zones are still active
  • GH makes bones stronger
  • It raises glucose levels in the blood
  • HGH promotes immunity

One should know that HGH acts indirectly. It enables liver to release insulin-like growth factor called IGF-1 (somatomedin). However, liver can produce only limited amount of IGF thus making a cap for HGH-related effects.

Order human growth hormone online

There are many different manufacturers and brand names. You can choose injectable human growth hormone for sale among many offers:

  • HGH Jintropin for sale by GenSci – the cheapest among top-grade manufacturers
  • Buy Pfizer Genotropin – top grade Western pharm giant
  • Saizen by Merck Serono – top grade Western pharm giant
  • Hygetropin for sale by Hygene – cheaper but still reliable
  • Hypertropin for sale – this is another popular generic product. You can buy hypertropin
  • Kigtropin – the cheapest but still reliable
  • SP Tropin by SP – the cheapest but cheaper but still reliable

HGH in sports and bodybuilding. Buy growth hormones online.

The major HGH sport use of HGH is making muscle relief. Bodybuilders stack it with various anabolic steroids for synergistic effect and avoiding injures.

It strengthens bones, connective tissue, cartilages and tendons causing notable power increase and reducing probability of traumas. Also, it speeds us the recovery once injury occurs.

Burning of fat and increasing in lean muscle mass. Where to buy injectable HGH.

Somatropin became very popular because it reduces volume of subcutaneous fat, especially in the abdominal region. Also, it is scientifically proven that GH usage increases quality muscle mass, enlarges muscle cells and, the most important, it increases the number of muscle cells, which is called hyperplasia. You cannot get such wonderful effect with using steroids only. Therefore, somatropin is the hormone with the strongest anabolic properties.

Why Somatropin may fail? Injectable hgh for sale online.

HGH is way too expensive product and following things may happen:

  • Some athletes use low dosage. HGH underdosing makes it useless and par to not taking it at all.
  • There are plenty counterfeits on the market and seeking for cheap GH is par to getting empty product.
  • Sometimes, body can develop antibody resistance to exogenous HGH thus making it ineffective. This is more common for cheap 192-amino-acid GH and not very likely with quality 191 amino-acid GH, which is similar to the natural one.

When you are doing HGH cycle your body needs:

  • more thyroid hormones (T3/T4)
  • more insulin
  • corticosteroids
  • gonadotropin (HCG)
  • more estrogen
  • more androgen and anabolic steroids

This is the reason, why standalone usage of somatropin is less effective. You should add insulin and thyroid hormone like T3 at least to make liver release maximum amount of IGF-1. Adding steroids would be winning solution. However, talk to your GP first as this is powerful cocktail and you need to make sure your hormonal system can sustain it.

Another good substance to add is anticatabolic substance Clenbuterol HCL. This makes additional synergistic effect. However, note that Clenbuterol suppresses production of insulin and T3.

Somatropin side effects. Where to buy hgh injections

HGH does not produce steroid-style side effects at all. The major issue is lowering glucose levels in the blood (hypoglycemia) and temporarily suppression of thyroid function.

Also you may face headache, nausea, vomiting, and visual disturbances on the first 1-2 weeks of your cycle, later symptoms disappear.

There’s popular tale that injecting GH can cause acromegaly and make you looking ugly like a Shrek. Fortunately, this is simply not true as it cannot make bones longer after growth zones are closed, it can only make them thicker and stronger. In fact, thyroid insufficiency, acromegaly, diabetes, heart and kidney hypertrophy, blood hypertensia might be the case only with prolonged and excessive usage.

But be careful when incorporating insulin into your cycle and discuss this with your doctor.

Dosage and usage human growth hormone for sale online

HGH half life is less than 60 minutes. Small and frequent subcutaneous injections are preferable to bigger but less frequent ones as they are more natural and allow liver to reestablish its reserves of IGF, while big injection cannot make liver to release more IGF than it has.

Split daily dosage on two shots. The best time to inject is 8 a.m.and 1 p.m.or before the workout.

The minimal cycle that you should have is the following

  • 4 I. U.daily dosage (split on two)
  • Length of cycle should be at least 6, better 8 weeks

If you cannot afford such minimal requirements – do not start HGH cycle in order not to get disappointed.

Medical use includes various conditions such as hypophysially stunted growth. Recommended amount to inject is 0.3 I. U.per pound every week.

I.e. 200-pound man should take 60 I. U.per week.

Somatropin Doping control. Where can buy hgh online.

Olympic Committee banned it in 1989. Despite of this GH abuse only raised over decades probably because it has short half life period and thus is very hard if not impossible to detect.

Summary to buy human growth hormone online

The main purpose to use somatropin in sport is getting definition. It is extremely efficient, has low side effects and does not cause sexual dysfunction, there is no need for PCT, it is powerful fat burner.

Best place to buy hgh and purchase human growth hormone online

The best place where to buy HGH at reasonable cost is 24HoursPPC. This site is where one can buy growth hormone injections with proven quality at reasonable cost.

Do not purchase hgh injections at overcheap price from untrusted sources – most likely you get scammed and receive underdosed or empty product. This is really the best place to get HGH.

Avoid 192 amino-acid brands.

How much growth hormone cost. Price of HGH injections.

HGH shots cost pretty big money. What makes cost of hgh injections so high? This is pretty complicated peptide, which requires top-grade biolaboratories to produce.

Human growth hormone price depends on manufacturer. Cheap brands with lower purity and power start with $160-200 for 100 I. U. If you find kigtropin for $100 – it’s a crap. But some people just love to get scammed.

Cost of human growth hormone injections is much higher for top brands with undoubted quality. Sale price starts for $400-500 for 100 I. U.of Jintropin. It is much higher for Saizen or Pfizer genotropin pen for sale.

Basically, what is the difference between top brands and cheap brands?

Top brands have superb purity and thus cannot cause antibody resistance. They are stable and not underdosed, i.e.they are more powerful. Finally, their formula is more stable and much better sustains transportation even under high temperatures. Even prefilled pen is still stable after being mailed. If you can afford this – try Jintropin, Hygetropin, Saizen or Genotropin. If not – kigtropin is still acceptable as well as SP Tropin.

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