Cycle Andriol+Anavar+Primobolan. Primo Balkan vs Schering

Here’s recent report from one of our customers, I asked him to tell his experience and compare Primobolan Balkan vs Primobolan by Schering. We provide his message as it is.
Kierrä Andriol+Anavar+Primobolan
6 weeks its not enough. min 10 weeks, I know its kinda expensive cycle,but whoever decide to take it – say to them – min 10 weeks. When i started, first two weeks I was changing my training program, cause it was to intensive. From week 3 I decide to train each part of muscle once e week – it was something new,cause I always train twice a week each group.Taking those ,,staff” it gave me huge power for muscle,i was able to to 4 to 5 exercise on each group.and I still felt hungry if you know what i mean.Of course good diet is basic thing to achieve good results.

After 6 weeks,I extend cycle for 2 weeks just with primobolan. It didn’t work,it didn’t help much,if i could extend all ,,staff” i will probably get better results.

After cycle I gain 8-9 pounds,1 extra cm in calfs, forearms,biceps,neck,4 cm in chest,and 3 cm in shoulders and back,minus 2 cm in my belly,and 1 cm minus in legs.And remember that i was out of home almost every day 12 hours,so I think that it was good result.But few day after i finished i felt sick – angina,fever etc,I stayed at home three day and I lost 6 pounds – I was sweating like a pig( i tried drink and eat as much as i could but if you are sick – you are sick). After that i went on my holiday,for 2 weeks,so i have break 2.5 weeks in trainings, I rested, didn’t lost my muscle size – so i am glad,right now i started with my trainings again so we will see.

Taking that ,,staff” i had a big endurance,i could train,train and train – Great feeling!!I had better results in bench press for 10-12 kg more,huge change in strength of my triceps – i was taking in close gripbench press to 85 kg in 4 sets 10 – 12 reps – Masakra.With the power its individual way-depens how you train,what you it,what are your abilities.

When i started taking andriol + anavar – first three days huge headache!!!annoying pain from all side of head,but i didn’t stop, I think my blood pressure went up,but after those 3 days,it was all right.When i finished I had the same headache for more or less 2-3 days.

About primobolan, first I had Balkan – good staff!!! After my first shot,I felt like I took some thermogenic, I was sweating all days,not much but i can say that my body temperature was high,it was working 24/7,really good staff – helped me show my muscle – you know better definition of muscle,after three weeks I lost 3 cm in my belly!!After 6 weeks when balkan primo finished, I took primo from schering.To make shot with balkan primo – very easy,but with schering primo really hard, I needed thicker needle,sometimes or maybe every time it was really painful. How it works – because I’ve just taken primo without andriol and anavar, it didn’t help much, I didn’t feel this thermogenic reaction, I still had power but endurance – it wasn’t what I expected. So if someone ask me which primo is better – balkan or schering – I gonna say BALKAN!!!!100%%!!  [We disagree, Schering is virtually the best primo in the world. comment]

So this combo anavar+andrio+primo is good,but min 10 weeks + good food + good training and someone can achieve really good results – maybe even 12-16 pounds, cause I achieved quit good results after 6 weeks working every day almost 11-12 hours,had 7-8 hours sleep. Training its 20% of success,another 80% – good ,,staff” and good food!!!