Myostatin HMP (GDF-8) Myostatin inhibitor

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Myostatin (GDF-8)  is a naturally produced protein which belongs to a family of proteins called Transforming Growth Factor beta. It is one of the agents of the muscle autocrine system and its major function is in suppression of development and differentiation of muscle cells.

In different studies it was revealed that animals with defected gene coding myostatin possess more muscle mass and strength comparatively to those who have normal gene.

Further experiments with substances that block myostatin function proved this theory. Currently this regulatory protein is linked to various muscular disorders such as myodystrophies. As myostatin blockers have extraordinary therapeutical potential in medicine and sports pharmacology, the search and development of myostatin inhibitors became a primary task among scientists.

Modified myostatin propeptides were the first agents in this strategy. They have quite interesting mechanism of action. The thing is that the newly secreted myostatin (immature propeptide) remains inactive untili it is modified by metalloproteinases. Mutated or modified propeptides (e.g. Myostatin HMP) bind to metalloproteinases and thus blocking the processing of promyostatin into mature (functional) myostatin.

Myostatin HMP (Human Myostatin Propeptide) is one of the representatives of myostatin inhibitor that recently appeared on the market. In laboratory tests it proved to be an effective blocker both in virto and in vivo.  By inhibiting myostatin function it allows muscles to grow freely without suppression by down-regulation signals. Besides acceleration of muscle growth can lead to reduction of fat tissue, thus it can be used in bodybuilding during “drying cycles”.

It is produced by recombinant technology and consists of 243 amino acids. Its sequence is completely identical to human propeptide with the exception that it lacks signal sequence. You can buy Myostatin HMP in the form of lyophilized white powder. It should be stored in a fridge.

How to use myostatin

Inject it at the morning, preferably every day, however, if this i not convenient you may inject increased dosage every 3-5 days. The length of treatment is 25-30 days. The daily dosage depends on body weight and varies between 150-400 mcg/ED. Some sources indicate max effective dosage 4 mcg per kilogram of body weight daily.

Side effects

The side-effects are unknown, though local irritation in the spot of injection is possible.

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