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BACTERIOSTATIC WATER (Benzyl Alcohol) Vermodje


Bacteriostatic water

The main application of Bactericidal Water (BW) is a dilution of drugs in powder form into a liquid form to do an injection.

It is designed exclusively to be parenteral use as a diluent for drugs that must be dissolved prior to injection. And also for those drugs that require long-term storage in a dissolved form. Unlike distilled for injections, it allows you to store any drug dissolved in it during up to one month, without losing its working properties. BW for administration is a USP is sterile, pyrogen-free injection liquid. Benzyl alcohol in a concentration of 0.9% (9 mg/ml) serves as an active substance preservative, it keeps the product safe and protects from destruction. It comes in a reusable container. PH factor – 5.7 (4.5-7.0).

Advantages of using any germicidal liquid from other solvents

  • The composition has some concentration of benzyl alcohol, which allows you to purify water from any microorganisms.
  • Better absorption of the diluted drug by the body.
  • Longer storage of the diluted drug.

It is allowed to use ordinary water for injection with a single administration of the entire volume of the diluted drug, otherwise, with a repeated collection of a drug from a vial, various microorganisms enter it (from one syringe needle or from the bottle lid), which multiply rather quickly in a favorable environment for them, which leads to a rapid decrease in the effectiveness of this drug, as well as the ingress of these microorganisms into the human body during injections, which can cause abscesses around smaill area where the injection was made. All these negative phenomena can be avoided in case of the application of bacterial water.

Dosage and usage

The main purpose is to dilute or dissolve any drugs to make an injection. Choose the amount of liquid as recommended by a manufacturer. According to the solvent concentration, dose, and route of administration. Examine drugs that you intend to administrate before injection if conditions permit it. Check if there any particulate matter present. Note if discoloration occurs.

Check the compatibility of the drug with the solvent as well as with other drugs when mixing them. Benzyl alcohol may also have incompatibilities with some substances. Do not neglect to consult your pharmacist. Perhaps you should master the aseptic technique. This technique is used for both single and multiple injections.

Our store recommends dilute peptides or growth hormones only with bactericidal water since in this case, the shelf life of diluted preparations increases and their effectiveness does not decrease during long-term storage.

Where to buy

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