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Why should you buy thymosin beta 4

There is a lot of bioactive peptides on pharmaceutical market, however thymosin is an outstanding one. It is reliable and effective remedy for rapid recovery of muscles, connective tissue, ligaments, joints and skin.

It is a synthetic analogue of peptide thymosin beta 4, which is produced in all cells of the human body.

The use of TB500 results in effective wound healing and recovery from injury. In medicine, it is also used to restore the myocardium after heart attack, as well as to treat ischemic conditions.

Thymosin helps athletes to achieve high results, increase power and stamina. It is very popular among bodybuilders. Constant high load lead to injuries that can disrupt all pre-competition training. Professional athletes include this drug into the list of necessary preparations by default. Due to its natural form, it is not detectable on doping control. Numerous studies have found no sides. That is why all top athletes want to buy it.

TB 500 peptide results in:

  • accelerates the recovery of muscles, including heart, joints, ligaments and skin;
  • relaxation of spasmed muscles;
  • reduction of inflammation in tissue;
  • stretchment of connective tissue
  • improves muscle tone;
  • helps to maintain flexibility of muscles and ligaments;
  • activates metabolism at cellular level;
  • reduces fibrous adhesions in tissue;
  • stimulates the growth of muscle mass;
  • improves strength and endurance;
  • stimulates the process of angiogenesis – emergence of new vessels in muscles;
  • increases testosterone levels;
  • has a positive effect on the nervous system – protection and recovery.

TB 500 peptide dosage

As a rule injections are given subcutaneously or intramuscularly (near the damaged area). A single tb 500 dosage for humans is 2 mg. Tb 500 dosage for injury is individual and depends on the injury, stress, age of an athlete.

The usual tb500 dosing is the following:

  • For the prevention of injuries, tb 500 dosing should be 2-4 mg per month (1-2 injections per month).
  • For active sports tb 500 dose – 2-6 mg per week (1-3 injections per week).
  • For bodybuilding tb500 dosage is 2-10 mg per week (1-5 injections per week).

How to take tb 500. As mentioned above, the duration of the tb 500 cycle is individual and depends on goals of an athlete. The diluted peptide can be stored in a refrigerator for 7-8 days without loss of potency. Thymosin is recommended to be diluted with water for injection. Water for injection should go down the side of a vial. With rotational movements achieve dissolution of substance in water. Do not shake the bottle!

TB 500 peptide side effects

In general it is well tolerated substance and does not produce any significant tb500 side effects, since it is naturally produced in the body. The most common tb 500 side effects in humans is pain and reddening at the site of injection. Some people may experience headache and temporary tiredness

Take care of your muscles, joints and ligaments now.

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