Testosterone gel (Cernos Gel, Androgel, Testogel, Tostran)

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Mild low-dosage testosterone for age-treatment and testosterone-replacement therapy

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Testosterone gel (Tostran 2% Gel) ProStrakan Group Plc (U.K.)

Cernos Gel sachet 5gm

Testosterone gel (Cernos Gel / Androgel, testosterone sachets) Sun Pharma (India)


Androgel for sale online?

Testosterone gel has plenty of brand names such as Testogel, Androgel, Testim, Androderm, Tostran, Cernos gel and many others. This is very popular and convenient to use product both, for TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy in men and also for bodybuilding. People who cannot get it covered by insurance attempt to order androgel from online stores. For instance, you can purchase androgel at 24HoursPPC. RU. Also, you can find here testogel for sale.

Testosterone is used for treatment of hypogonadism i.e.low endogenous testosterone levels by adding more hormone into the body. It should applied daily. Androgel or Testogel purchase can notably improve quality of life, especially for elder men. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Increase in libido
  • Increase in quality, lean body mass (muscles) and improve in body composition
  • Improving bone density
  • Decrease in visceral fat
  • Decrease of disturbances (you know, elder men could be very annoying:)
  • Improving of the mood and general feeling of well-being

Application type: Cutaneous/topical (transdermal)

Most of the brands come with 1% dosage, i.e. 5 g sachet contains 50 mg of pure testosterone. This is sufficient to restore testosterone levels and has a statistically proven, significant positive effect.

Where can buy Androgel online. Where Testogel buy.

The simplest way is to get prescription from your GP and get it covered by medical insurance. However, if this is impossible, people start searching the following:

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  • buying androgel mexico
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The proper answer is buying androgel available worldwide from 24HoursPPC. RU. Also we have testogel for sale for UK, Mexico and USA at 24HoursPPC. COM. UA

Testogel/Androgel dosage and usage

Testogel, Testim, Androderm and others contain pure testosterone substance. It is quickly absorbed through the skin. One should apply gel in the morning at the same time to keep steady levels.

Application spot should be clean, dry and healthy. Such spots could be abdomen, upper arms and shoulders, don’t leave any residue during application. Recommended dosage is 50 mg of pure test, i.e. 5 g of gel. Maximum TRT dosage is 10 g (100 mg of test) daily.

Allow it to dry for 3-6 minutes. Do not wash these areas for 6 hours to make sure testosterone is fully absorbed by the skin.

TRT helps to control the symptoms but does not heal, therefore, you need to use Androgel every day throughout the life starting in your early 40s and slightly increase it over the years. At the elder age higher dosages might be required.

Visit your GP and make hormonal tests before starting treatment.

Testosterone gel stacking and combo

If used for TRT – no combo is necessary. It’s too weak for bodybuilding due to low dosage. However, if used for regular bodybuilding cycle – keep in mind that testosterone stacks well with most of other anabolic steroids depending on your goal.

This means using winstrol for cutting or nandrolone-decanoate for bulking. Testosterone dosage for bodybuilding should be higher than for TRT, close to testosterone suspension routine.

Testogel Side effect and PCT

When using high dosages estrogen and androgen-related side effects could appear just as on any testosterone cycle. However with 5 mg daily you can neglect them.

Also, TRT increases quantity of red blood cells, which is good for endurance but it also increases viscosity of the blood and probability of thrombosis. Use aspirin to avoid this.

TRT lowers sperm count due to lowered endogenous production thus affecting fertility.

Furthermore, it may cause acne, gynecomastia and increased libido (priapism)

Doping control and androgel

Pure testosterone gets destroyed in the system quickly, however, doping tests still may show positive reaction within several weeks.

Indications for androgel

  • Low levels of the testosterone

Contraindications for androgel

  • Prostate cancer or breast cancer in males, both confirmed or suspected. Before you start, GP should make sure that you don’t have it
  • Planning to make children (if you do – cease TRT for 2-3 months and make proper PCT with clomiphene)
  • Age less than 18 years as it should have negative impact on natural testosterone production
  • Female usage is highly unwanted due to virilization side effects
  • Females and minors should not contact fresh application spots. Avoid sexual intercourse 6 h.after application to avoid passing testosterone into the girl through a skin-to-skin contact. If such contact took place – wash with warm water and soap.


Keep Androgel in a dry and cool location as high temperature may destroy the content.

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30 gel sachets 50 mg, Totally 1500 mg, 60 gel sachets 50 mg, Totally 3000 mg, 1 multi dose container 60gr 2%, Totally 1200mg, 2 multi dose container 60gr 2%, Totally 2400mg

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