RAD 140 (Radarine, Testolone)

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RAD 140 (Radarine, Testolone)

RAD 140 (Radarine, Testolone) Generic (China)

RAD 140

Initially RAD-140 (Radarine) was developed as a treatment of muscular atrophy and breast cancer. Though it is still being developed and investigated, it is currently considered as one of the most promising nonsteroid SARMs (selective androgen receptor modulator). It has high affinity to tissue specific androgen receptors and can cure muscle loss caused by ageing or different muscle disorders.

By its action RAD-140 reminds testosterone but it has no testosterone specific side-effects, for instance it doesn’t influence prostate. In addition to muscle mass enlargement, it greatly increases endurance and also plays a neuroprotective role, thus helping neurons to resist stress and neurodegenerative disorders.

Though the effect of RAD-140 is similar to testosterone, its anabolic effect is more pronounced. Moreover, it can reduce the side-effects of testosterone, which makes testosterone application more effective and safe. One should also mention that it can slightly reduce the adipose tissue. Unlike steroids, RAD-140 has no liver-toxicity and it doesn’t influence the hormonal levels. Therefore it doesn’t disrupt the sexual function, as it is peculiar to steroids.

Dosage and Usage

For muscle gains you have to take 10 -20 mg (1-2 tabs) every day after breakfast for 6-12 weeks. Don’t forget that in order to gain the muscle mass, you need to increase the daily intake of proteins (at least 3 g per 1 kg of body weight), your diet must be calorie-rich, and also you have to do intensive training with weights.

Side effects

As it was mentioned above Radarine has no side effects. This substance is safer and more effective than usual prohormones and anabolic steroids.


RAD-140 (Radarine) accelerates the gain of muscle mass, increases stamina, speed and strength. It strengthen the bones and slightly reduces adipose tissue, also has neuroprotective action. All in all, it is a rather powerful and safe substance.

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