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Bulking startup (novice) cycle

A good startup stack is deca (deca durabolin, nandrolone decanoate) 400 mg/week + dianabol (danabol, naposim, methandienone) 40-50 mg/day. Length of cycle is 8 weeks. Don’t forget about anti-estrogen from the week 3 and 1 week after the cycle – tamoxifen or clomid (1 tab ED). For this cycle I advice you also using LIV-52 for liver protection. You can take it from us or local pharmacy (prescription-free). Using tamoxifen for this cycle is important. Using clomid and liv-52 is not absolutely necessary but makes this cycle completely safe. Check product descriptions for more information. For the whole 8 week cycle athlete needs: Deca: 3200mg, Dianabol” ~ 2240-2800 mg, Tamoxifen/Clomid: 50 tabs, Liv-52: 1 bottle.