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HGH 191 vs HGH 192 amino acids. Original vs generic Human Growth Hormone

We are talking now about “real” products, not counterfeits, which may not contain Human Growth Hormone at all.

In brief, the major difference between expensive “original” and relatively cheap “generic” is the number of amino-acids in molecule. 191 production is much more expensive than 192.

But what effect this can have on your body?  HGH naturally produced by human has 191 amino acids. 191 rHGH (recombinant Human Growth Hormone) formula is identical to the natural and is fully utilized in the body. 192 formula has minor differences. The body may consider this molecula as “alien”, create anti-bodies (phagocytes) and attack them, which decreases the effectiveness of the product. The word “may” is a key word. It does not necessary happen. It depends on personal characteristics of particular human body.

GenSci claims itself to be virtually the only company in china if not in the world, which produces “real” HGH under the brand name Jintropin.  In reality, however, there are other companies, who possess the same technology. Also, after Chinese government under US pressure banned export of Jintropin, GenSci launched manufacturing of several other brands in China through its subsidiares or partners to overcome this ban. So part of “generic” HGH on the market has GenSci-Jintropin roots.

From the other hand you must  understand that almost all manufacturers will be claiming they sell  HGH-191. And you must understand that many of them are lying, especially when selling cheap HGH. It’s simply impossible to check unless you have full-scale laboratory.

So, does it worth to use generic HGH? If you are really rich person, you can afford using Jintropin and eliminate all questions. However, if you don’t have extra money to throw out, you may try  generic HGH without any probs disregarding whether it is really HGH 191 or HGH 192. Just check response of your body and how effective it is.