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Bremelanotide (aka PT-141) is an isomere of Melanotan 2, which lacks the C-terminal amide group. This modification allowed to eliminate such characteristics as tanning stimulation and to increase such characteristics as libido stimulation. Therefore, it does not affect the circulatory system, its selective effect is reduced to stimulation of melanocortin receptors, which increases libido. Many people want pt 141 buy online but don’t know how. Our shop provides high quality products and this is where you can easily buy pt-141 without prescription. Meanwhile our customer support will assist you with any question on how to purchase pt-141.

  • PT-141 is a synthetic aphrodisiac.
  • Numerous studies revealed that Bremelanotide is very powerful drug for treatment of sex-drive disorders in both males and females, including lack of desire and impotence.
  • If we compare Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) and similar drugs with PT141, it does not affect the vascular system. On the contrary, it directly effects hypothalamic system which leads to stimulation of sexual desire.
  • Actually Sildenafil and alike meds are not aphrodisiacs as they have no direct effect on libido. However, the best synergistic effect is achieved when Viagra is combined with PT 141.

Effects of bremelanotide pt-141 for sale.

The women participating in the trials said that they were “shaking inside with desire to have sex”. The effect usually appears in a couple of hours after injection, and reach its peak about four hours later. The males states PT-141 makes them to feel younger and feel more energy inside. In addition it makes them to feel interest in sex and experience sexual arouse.for instance, one aftery trying Viagra and PT 141 combo commented that he felt like a 16 y.o.again.”

PT141 Bremelanotide is injected subcutaneously, and in two hours it provides an strong desire.

It has been found that testosterone production is inhibited by the use of hormonal contraceptives antidepressants, childbirth and breastfeeding. Every third representative of the weaker sex taking these drugs notes a decrease in desire.

Therefore, scientists have developed a drug under the experimental name PT141, which belongs to the class of melanocortin agonists (a substance that stimulates arousal and erection). This medicine is suitable both for women (it will allow them to get aroused faster and reach orgasm) and for men (as an erection stimulator).

How to take Bremelanotide and where you can buy pt-141

Dilute the powder with 1 ml of water for injection. Dilute slowly, try not to pour water onto the peptide itself, but gently and slowly let it along the wall of the bottle, then do not shake it – the peptide itself should dissolve within a maximum of 1 minute.

You need to draw the solution up to 1/10 of an insulin syringe. If you have 100 gradation insulin syringe, then draw up to 10 microdivision. If you dissolved the drug in 2 ml of water for injection – just double the diluted peptide taken from the bottle – up to 20. That would make 1mg if you have 10mg vial. Inject it subcutaneously about 1 hour before sexual activity. The recommended single dosage for men varies from 0.5 mg to 2 mg, meanwhile for women the dosage is higher from 1 mg to 3 mg.

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