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generic dostinex . Libido enhancer/PCT/Multi purpose drug

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SP CABERGOLIN (Cabergoline) SP laboratories (Moldova)

Dostinex (Cabergoline) Pharmacia & Upjohn (Italy)


Cabaser (Cabergoline) Pharmacia & Upjohn (Italy)


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Cabergoline substance is known under the following brand names:

  • Dostinex 0.5mg 8 pills — branded drug a box lasts for 1-2 months
  • SP Cabergoline 0.25 mg 20 pills convenient to use dosage, a box lasts for 40-80 days
  • Cabaser 2 mg 20 pills — the cheapest brand, box lasts for 12-20 months.

This drug has been invented not that many time ago and aimed on lowering prolactin with people who have a pituitary tumor or other conditions, which cause increased prolactin levels — hyperprolactinemia.

Later it has been discovered that people who buy dostinex online can enjoy not only medical treatment. The ones managed to buy cabaser also experience much better sex drive —

more often and powerful erection as well as increased desire sometimes calles excitement or “butterflies in stomach”. Due to these abilities it is sometimes referred to as the Miracle or pleasure drug. Obviously it won a good position among ED product line.

Prolactin is more “female” hormone needed for breast feeding. It plays some role in male hormonal balance as well, from the other hand it prevents erections and suppresses libido. Therefore, you should understand that the best results are provided to the people with high or medium prolactin levels. For those, whose levels are alredy low it won’t show any notable effect.

How to find this out? Make proper laboratory tests.

How much cabergoline do you need for sex enhancement? Dostinex dosage.

Normally it is sufficient to use 0.25 mg every 4 days or 0.5 mg every 7-10 days. More frequent usage is better to maintain stable levels.

You can easily cut 1 tab of sotinex on two halves or simply use SP Cabergoline 0,25 mg pills, however, the cheapest product is Turkish 2 mg pills, which you can break to 1/4 pieces. Probably, this is not very convenient to do, but saves your money.

Is Cabergoline different from Viagra?

Yes, it is extremely different from Cialis, Sildenafil and other similar substances. Sildenafil, a product specifically designed to fight erectile dysfunction. In fact it is all about erection.

However, it has absolutely nothing to do with other vital aspects of good sexual life and libido such as:

  • sex drive
  • arousal
  • excitement
  • orgasm
  • ejaculation

Viagra has been proved to be a wonderful drug and made many men to get erections and “morning wood” but this is not all what you need. It merely increase the blood flow in the dick thus making an erection. It has nothing to do with libido, orgasm, ejaculation and other elements that constitute good sex.

This is the main reason some men are disappointed with the sex stating it’s not the same as when they were young. They do not experience the same libido (sex drive) /desire, they can have intercourse

with the girl but does not “want” her as much as they used to. This is the point where Caber is superior to Viagra as it does all the things that Viagra can’t. It notably improves libido, orgasm and ejaculation.

Prolactin is the champion libido killer!

Cabergoline is a drug of the dopaminergic family of drugs and it excels in fighting prolactin. But why do you need to do so?

It is the hormone released in female system after giving birth. This is why the girls have very low or no desire after they gave life o a children and while they are breast feeding. This is

what the Nature intended to do in order to safeguard the newborn and makes the mother to seek her attention to him and not to the new sex adventures.

he same true for the men. High prolactin levels means lack of sex drive. Even worse, such levels tend to increase over the age.

Furthermore, this hormone is being released right after ejaculation and makes you feel like you don’t want sex anymore but wanna sleep instead. Doxtinex will make you want it for more times instead of going to sleep. You’ll have greater desire for sex and may experience multiple/overwhelming orgasms and more powerful ejaculation.

In addition, high prolactin may cause depression. By lowering it, cabergoline may improve feeling of general well-being and generally make your feeling better.

This is the pleasure drug, which could be useful not only for people with sexual dysfunction. It could be useful both — for males and females increasing desire for them, too!

Viagra makes you feel hard while Caber makes you not only hard but actually want it!

Where you can buy cheap cabergoline?

People who search where to buy caber onlne can find it in numberous Internet pharmacies including 24HoursPPC.

You should know that generic drug cabergoline is way more cheaper than branded Dostinex, while still providing excellent results.

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20 tablets x 0,25 mg Total 5 mg, 8 Tabx x 0.5mg Total 4mg, 20 Tabs x 2mg Total 40mg, 40 Tabs x 2mg Total 80mg


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