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EPO – Erythropoietin (Pharma Grade product)

We’ve been asked many times to post a pics of EPO (Erythropoetine) we offer. Here we go:

Chinese pharma grade EPO (3000IU)

Chinese pharma grade EPO (3000IU)

EPO – Erythropoietin is widely available on the pharmaceutical and black markets and got raising popularity due to significant increase in performance for endurance sports, fighters and players of all kinds, i.e. everywhere stamina is important. Endurance athletes are highly attracted to EPO for the effect it has on red blood cell production.

This product has put a whole new spin on blood doping. No need for messy transfusions, simply inject EPO to increase your erythrocyte levels. EPO is actually not that dangerous a product to use if it is used properly, and athlete’s blood is monitored. With proper blood work, and boosting to a safe level there shouldn’t be major complications. But do not cross that line. Typically max HC level is 53-54% for elite endurance athlete, while “regular” level for untrained human is around 40%.

Although it is much less counterfeited comparing to other popular peptides – HGH, IGF, etc., they are still an issue, fake product could produce low or no HC level increase. One of the measures which can help to avoid fakes is to pay attention to product look. To small details like stickers texts and taps designs. Always ask seller about is the product that you buying looks exactly like on a picture.

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