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HGH/IGF/MGF+steroid cycle

Very powerful and very expensive peptide/steroid cycle that provides decent lean muscle mass gains along with
substantial fat-burning effect, which means you are getting not only muscles but also relief.

PEG-MGF (pegylated Mechano Growth Factor)
:igtropin: LongR3 (Insulin-like growth factor)
:anavar: (:oxandrolone:)
:primobolan: (Methenolone enanthate)
6-7 a.m. HGH 4-5 IU / ED (if doing EOD then 8-10 IU)
~ 1 p.m. HGH 4-5 IU / ED (if doing EOD then 8-10 IU)

Anavar 25-40 mg/ED – at morning

AFTER WORKOUT – IGF-1 – 20-40 mcg every morning

Primobolan Depot 600-700 mg/ week (one-two weekly injections)

HGH – we believe that EOD shots are more effective comparing to ED shots

In case of pain and other sides – DECREASE DOSAGE.

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