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Methandrostenolone (Danabol)

Methandrostenolone (Danabol, Naposim, Methanoger)

Methandrostenolone is an anabolic steroid which was initially used as cure for burns and as medicine that improves the general tonus in women. Later, when it turned out that this substance can provide muscle gains, it became very popular among bodybuilders. Though nowadays this drug is banned by FDA, you can freely buy it in different countries of Asia and Eastern Europe.

methandrostenolone formula
methandrostenolone formula

This substance goes under different trade names such as: Dianabol, Danabol, Nerobol, Naposim, DBOL, Methandienone, Methanoger, Anabolin, Bionabol, Dehydromethyltestosterone, Metasthenol, Novabol, Perabol, Perbolin, Pronabol, Stanolon, Anaboral, Vanabol, Dianoget and so on.

Today there’s a lot of misinformation on Dianabol. Usually its toxic features are overstated, whereas anabolic propertied are underestimated. Nevertheless, a 6-week cycle of Danabol at the dosage 30mg/day can increase muscle mass by 8-10kg. It is usually followed by a loss of 2-5 kg, which can be reduced if you do the cycle properly.

Injectable Methane

Injectable form of methandrostenolone is known as Averbol, Reforvit B, Methastenon, Methanoliq, Metabol-25, Methanoger, Pharmabol 100, Methanabone, Methandienone, Dianoged etc. It comes in the form of suspension or oil solution.

This substance is also alkylated at position 17, but some researchers say that liquid form is more bioavailable and has less hepatotoxicity, though it is not proven. Injectable form can be also used orally, but it has an awful taste.


Anabolic properties (comparative to test.) – 200%
Androgenic properties (comparative to test.) – 50%
Transformation into estrogens – low
Liver toxicity – moderate
Available forms – tablets, injections
Duration of action – 6-8 hours
Doping test – detectable during 3 months from the last usage.

The Effects of Dianabol

• Provides a quick gain of muscle mass.
• Increases strength
• Increases appetite
• Moderate fat burning effect
• Strengthens bones


Though Danabol has a low rate of transformation into estrogen, it may cause gynecomastia. In order to avoid this side-effect one should take aromatase inhibitors.

Liver Toxicity

As Danabol is methylated at 17α position it causes moderate liver toxicity. However, methylation in this position protects it from fast destruction by liver enzymes, and makes the tablet form possible. Methylation also reduces attachment of Danabol to SHB globulins.

When taken for a long time, Dianabol thickens the membranes of liver cells, and worsens the conductivity of bile ducts, which is peculiar to all oral steroids. This eventually causes stagnation of bile and makes painful sensations in the area of liver. In order to prevent this side-effect, cholagogues are used.

However, one should mention that cholagogues can be divided into two groups: choleretics, which increase production of bile (e.g. Allohol, Holenzim), and cholekinetics, which help the gall bladder to release the bile into intestine (e.g. Cholosas).

In order to reduce the liver damage choleckinetics are used along with the intake of Dianabol, whereas choleretics are used after the cycle. Don’t make mistake, as simultaneous usage of choleretics with Danabol may worsen the situation. So, it’s better to use such hepatoprotector as ademetionine after Dianabol cycle.

Water retention

It belongs to estrogen related side-effects. As it occurs mainly in muscles, it gives them a puffy look. Therefore after discontinuation of the drug usage, the volume of gained muscles is reduced by 10-50%. You can avoid this phenomenon by taking aromatase inhibitors during your cycle.

Other side effects

Acne, hair loss, heartburn, high blood pressure (you can avoid it by taking aromatase inhibitors during your cycle), increased libido during cycle and temporary decline after it, testicular atrophy (in case of high doses and long-term usage), virilization (in women), myocardial hypertrophy (in case of overdose or genetic predisposition) etc.

Usage and Dosage

First of all do not use Dianabol if you are under the age of 21, or if you have contraindications – high blood pressure, hypertrophy of prostate, heart or liver problems etc. Don’t forget to consult your doctor to make sure that you don’t have contraindications.

Secondly, do not exceed the daily dosage, which is 30mg/day. The dosage is usually divided into 2 -3 parts. Due to the liver toxicity it’s better to take methandienone after food intake.

One should begin the Danabol cycle with 10mg, and in a couple of days gradually increase the dosage up to 20-30mg/day. Usually the cycle lasts 6 weeks. After the first week of the cycle it’s necessary to take aromatase inhibitors (e.g. Anastrozole 0.5mg/every 3 days). They will reduce water retention and risks of gynecomastia.

You should begin PCT in 2-3 days after the end of your cycle – Tamoxifen 20mg for 2-4 weeks. At the last week gradually reduce the dosage of Tamoxifen up to a complete discontinuation.
Check your blood pressure regularly. In case of high pressure reduce the dose, or take antihypertensives (Enalapril, 5mg)

Use testosterone booster for 3-4 weeks after the end of your cycle to restore the natural testosterone.
Also use sports nutrition and proper diet in order to get the maximum results.

Danabol Combinations

Combinations of Danabol with other steroids can improve efficiency of your cycle and reduce possible side-effects. In order to increase muscle mass Danabol is usually combined with: Testosteron; Sustanon or Omnadren; Primobolan; Trenbolon + testosterone; Nandrolon + testosterone. During combined cycles Dianabol is usually taken for the first 4 weeks.

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