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Sustanon – testosterone mix

Testosterone is need for the successful functioning of hormonal levels, metabolic processes and the immune system in men. Low testosterone levels negatively affect sexual activity, reduce muscle mass, and contribute to the development of depression.

The initial goal of Sustanon was correction of testosterone levels in men, therefore it was included into the list of drugs used for hormone replacement therapy. But over time, athletes and professional bodybuilders drew attention to its properties. It has been used successfully as an anabolic steroid since the 1970s. Today, many athletes decide to buy Sustanon 250, for whom it is important to increase body weight without negative consequences for the body.



Sustanon 250 consists of four testosterone esters: propionate, phenylpropionate, isocapronate, decanoate. The composition also includes auxiliary substances: peanut oil as a solvent and benzyl alcohol as an antiseptic. All four forms of testosterone in the composition of the drug have their own period of action, which increases the effectiveness of the drug.

Sustanon properties and benefits

The high effectiveness and prolonged action of Sustanon makes frequent use unnecessary. Even one injection already provides a positive result. With a rare intake schedule, it is possible to maintain testosterone at the required level.


The main advantages of the product include:

  • ensuring the optimal level of hormone concentration;
  • a rapid increase in muscle mass;
  • improved metabolism;
  • activation of blood circulation processes;
  • anticatobolic effect by reducing the level of cortisol in the blood;
  • increase in the number of red blood cells in the blood;
  • increased sexual activity.


Contraindications and side effects

Testosterone injections should not be given for established or suspected prostate cancer. Sustanon 250 should be taken with caution by persons with epilepsy, heart failure, arterial hypertension, since prolonged use can cause complications. But in most cases, side effects occur against the background of improper intake of the drug or a significant excess of the permissible dosage.


Among the negative consequences should be highlighted:

  • female type fat accumulation;
  • increased blood cholesterol levels;
  • excessive hair loss, baldness;
  • acne;
  • painful sensations at the injection site;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • insomnia, depressed mood, unreasonable aggressiveness.
  • In rare cases, symptoms of gynecomastia in men and prostate hypertrophy are possible.

Taking the drug by women can cause menstrual irregularities, coarsening of the voice, deterioration of ovarian activity.


How to take Sustanon correctly

Correct intake of the drug allows you to reduce the risk of side effects to a minimum. Start with a weekly injection at a dosage of 250 mg / week intramuscularly. Injections are best done in the buttocks area. In the future, the dosage is increased and brought to 1000 mg / week. The maximum duration of cycle is 10 weeks. The duration of action is 5-6 days.

Interaction with other steroids

The injections of the product can be taken both solo and in combination with other drugs. The combination with nandrolone promotes the growth of muscle fibers, and the combination with Winstrol has a positive effect on drying. Combinations with such drugs as Turinabol, Boldenone and others are also possible.