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The melanotan 1 peptide is a synthetic analogue of the melanocorticotropic hormone. This fact determines its effect on the body, namely the acceleration of melanogenesis, or, in other words, the pigmentation of the skin. By using this drug, one can accelerate tanning and also protect the skin from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation. In numerous studies, it was found that its effectiveness is almost a thousand times higher than endogenous hormone melanocyte.

When studying the protective properties of the drug, scientists used the stimulation of the skin with a tan, as well as pigmentation. As a result, they have found that the peptide molecules are able to mimic the work of a natural substance and more effectively protect the skin. Thus, the drug can be effective not only to accelerate tanning, but it also makes sense to buy it for people suffering from increased skin pigmentation.

Although the drug does not have serious side effects, it is not recommended to use it at high dosage:

firstly, this can lead to the appearance of freckles on the skin;
secondly, the effectiveness of the substance does not increase.
We can safely say that when using the peptide in the recommended doses, the drug has no disadvantages.

The main difference between Melanotan 1 and melanotan 2 is that the latter actively affects melanocortin receptors. It has an additional amine ring, which distinguishes it from melanotan 1. In terms of effectiveness, these drugs are approximately equal, but the second version has several additional properties. First of all, this concerns the ability to enhance sexual desire and enhance the work of erectile function.

Dilution of the drug:

Get the vial warmer up to room temperature;
let air into the bottle. Do not be afraid of the negative effects of oxygen on the active ingredient of the powder, since their contact will be short-lived. The solution, in turn, is not subject to oxidation;
gently introduce liquid into the bottle, directing it along the walls of the vessel. At this point, it is important to avoid direct liquid contact with the powder. Immediately, we note that you cannot shake the bottle to speed up the dissolution process. You need to wait until the powder dissolves by itself and then you can inject melanotan.
Like any injectable peptide, melanotan 1 is injected into the belly fat fold. The duration of the Melanotan cycle  is from 15 to 20 days, and the daily dose is taken at the rate of one microgram of the substance for each kg of your body weight. The injections must be given once a day until your skin acquires the desired shade.

Melanotan buy

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