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Where buy anabolic steroids online

anabolic steroids

Comprar esteroides anabólicos en línea

why-are-anabolic-steroids-illegalAnabolic steroids are known as special synthetic substances that are similar to testosterone (the male hormone). People take steroids in some cases of medical problems, or for making bones stronger. Bodybuilders often use anabolic to promote growth of their muscles.

First, if you are going to start taking anabolic steroids, you have to consult a doctor who will define the allowable dose for you. A specialist will prescribe you steroids based on your needs.

How to promote growth on anabolic steroids

To promote growth on anabolic steroids people have to follow some rules. They are very simple, but they will help to achieve good results.

First, avoid catabolism while taking anabolic steroids. Keep your workouts highly intense (30-50 minutes).

The process of muscles growing can be done by lifting heavy weights. Try your best to do 6 to 8 repeats range at 100 intensity.

You need to eat clean healthy food. It must be 5-6 meals a day to keep the process of metabolism at its highest peak. But remember, that products must be clean. For example, you can eat boiled or baked turkey, chicken breast, fish, rice and vegetables. All these products must be included into your daily menu.

Don’t be shy to consult the professional bodybuilders or other more experienced strongmen. They can give a lot of useful information in promoting growth on anabolic steroids. However, you need to remember that in case of taking a high dose of drugs on a routine basis it might cause serious problems. Pay attention on your general physical and mental state and watch for symptoms.

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