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British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Thailand). Year 2010 – is it still alive?

British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd is legendary company in anabolic steroid world. Unfortunately, it is no longer in production. First, it ceased production Dec 2006 then restored Dec 2007 until final DEA steroid bust in Thailand on Spring 2008 when 100 (yes, one hundred ! ) of US DEA agents plus local police raided houses and arrested two British nationals. All they found was a couple of empty steroid packs, so you can see how “effectivly” they spend taxpayer’s funds. I believe that the lab itself located elsewhere, maybe even not in Thailand. But as a result BD disappeared from the market. They claim on their site that they are selling legally in “some countries”, I guess these are Asian countries and appreciate if some ex-pats can shed more light on this. From the other hand we cannot trust BD site anymore, because nobody knows who controls it – DEA or friends of these arrested lads.
Some vendors are selling out what remains, some others are selling fakes, sometimes of a very good quality. In fact counterfeit BD products was 80-90% of world “BD” sales even before they were shot down. There were busts of underground labs, which produced drugs with BD label in Moscow, Russia and also Canada. However, much more continue to manufacture and distribute. Also be aware that there are plenty of fake “BD” sites, we can name a dozen of them.
According to the rumors, several years ago BD got split on two. The first one (mentioned above) moved from Thailand to Hong Kong, got official licence in some Asian countries and continued making quality bodybuilding products (either in China or Hong Kong). It has been hit by arrest of its owners (British Nationals) in Thailand on Spring 2008, and ceased dealing on Western market (at least officially). Another part moved to either to China or nearby Cambodia and produces veterinary drugs, but sells them as human ones. Second one is British Dragon Pharmaceuticals (without “Ltd.”). Some of the products like Masterone are not available at all in “human” pharmacy.

So, this is up to you to decide. When you buy “British Dragon” products you must believe in particular vendor, not the name on the package, because the situation is VERY complicated and it’s virtually impossible to distinguish “real” from “fake”, especially if they are of the same quality. If you are in doubts – better choose pharm grade products from big, official manifacturers.

Website: British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd