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Two Dragons (British Dragon) by Yuri BOMBELA (from the magazine “Iron World”, March 2005)


Two years ago [i.e. in 2003 – translator’s comment] I came upon a
small packet of foil, on which the top, red on turquoise, was written
«ANDROLIC-50″, and below, have black letters, were the British Dragon
Pharmaceuticals. Initially I reacted to the newly discovered counterpart Anadrol
is very skeptical, but after tasting, was conquered by the production quality of
Thai pharmacists. Since androlik firmly took place in the list of my favorite
preparations. Then there were Anabol – high-quality analog all the beloved “methanabol”
and “stanabol” – inexpensive and very decent alternative to the Spanish Winstrol
tablet. And not so long ago in our market has started preparation called
Parabolan Tablets – perhaps the first and very successful attempt to release
trenbolone acetate in the form of tablets.

How did you find out a little later, production British Dragon
Pharmaceuticals was based at the facilities located in Shanghai (PRC) – that’s
where the quality and relative cheapness of its products. It remained only to
wait, what other novelties will be introduced by Thai bodybuilder’s brotherhood.


But instead of a new product came unexpected news – the beginning of this
year [i.e. in 2005 – translator’s comment], British Dragon Pharmaceuticals split into two companies: British Dragon
Pharmaceuticals Ltd and simple British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, without the
cherished words Limited. Yes, no wonder it was confusing! I decided to focus on
product mix.

Difficulties have been concerns about the continued production of many
favorite preparations disappeared rather quickly – the company which is now
called the British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd, just moved from Thailand to Hong
Kong and by changing only the logo and name, has kept both its production
capacity, as well as trademarks, packaging, the form of output. So our lovely,
slightly extended from excessive loads, the heart Anabol, stanabol, androlik,
and the same Parabolan tablets will not disappear.

“Well, thank God” – I crossed, drinking pure spring water, a regular
hexagonal blue pill. But then the phone rang: “And you know what” British Dragon
“began production Masteron?” – This was my old friend, no less fascinated me
sports pharmacology. Yes, it was not even a surprise – it was a sensation, to
say that this drug was a welcome – so do not say anything! No, I do not know,
but pledged to find out everything thoroughly. And in anticipation of something
very good sat at the computer. Oh, if I knew then, what disappointed me waiting!

As a result of a brief investigation has learned that British Dragon
Pharmaceuticals Ltd does not let anything like that, at least, not yet. But “Masteron”
really existed – its production has developed a second “head” defunct “dragon”,
inherited from the parent and the name and logo, in general, all-all-all. In
addition to production capacity and actual production.

What is behind the illustrious name

Initially, I sought the aid of the World Wide Web – the last time it was this
source of information has become for many of us the main, slowly displacing
goods from all other media. And that’s managed to learn: the product range the
company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals has 7 injectable drugs and 4 oral. The
first group comprises “Boldabol” (active ingredient – boldenone undetsilenat),
“Dekabol (nandrolone decanoate),” Durabol (nandrolone phenylpropionate),
“Trenabol (trenbolone acetate),” Testabol “(testosterone propionate),” Testabold
“( sic! – one of the values of the English word bold – brazen, this ulterior
motive, and contains the drug testosterone cypionate), and “Mastabol” – the same
one the coveted analog Masteron, which the conversation is still ahead. With
oral medications is traditional – “methane”, I mean – “Metanabol”, “Oxanabol”
(oxandrolone), “Stanabol (stanozolol) and” Oxy … bol? “No, this product came
up with” original “name -” Oxydrol “! You are not yet tired of these “Bola”? I
was already fairly.

Well, not all God gave us imagination, and not in the names of the essence.
There is, after all, ointment “Ben-gay,” for external use only! And nothing, in
fact bought, athletes, by the way, buying, and good preparation for the reviews.
“The main thing – not in the title and the content” – I consoled myself and
rushed to find a latter-day pharmaceutical products, that is British Dragon
Pharmaceuticals. I can not say that easily, but in the end, to find the desired
success. Then it has befallen me first disappointment, concerned it packing.

That is, the oral drug, it still all right, such a neat little packets, but
the bottles are … A sad sight: you either ceramic or stamps on the label. And
the labels themselves are made not that very carefully. Of all the possible
elements of protection there is only a careless hand glued hologram, but the
price of one such “protect” you and I know very well – still fresh in the
memories of the protected hologram “license” videocassettes and compact discs.
Complete the analogy with the semi-underground production of Mexican veterinary
pharmacists like Ttokkyo Labs. And the volume of bottles – ten milliliters –
also characterized exclusively for veterinary medicine.

Impression reinforced when it came to content drugs. First, ten milliliters
in the case of “Boldabola” were nine, one milliliter somewhere evaporated. It
seems okay, but self-respecting company should not allow this.

Secondly, the already mentioned “Boldabol (boldenone undetsilenat) has so far
produced only for use in veterinary medicine, conventional pharmaceutical
industry, he has never been performed. Thirdly – the continuation of “second”.
Surprised the concentration of active ingredient in virtually all products,
British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, «human spirit” here, and does not smell! Judge
for yourself – and tablets Metanabol stanabola contain … Dianabol 50 mg,
respectively, and stanozolola1, oksanabola – 10 mg oxandrolone, oksidrola – 100
(!) Mg oxymetholone. Among injecting drug released dekabol, each milliliter of
which contains almost a record 250 mg nandrolone decanoate. I will say at once,
such a concentration of nandrolone to achieve unrealistic, and only in a “human”
pharmaceuticals – and even more so.

No, nothing shameful in the production of veterinary pharmaceuticals can not
be. Many of us at least once in your life used veterinary medicines – if the
product is released on the well-known company, like Denkall, Loeffler, Brovel or
Univet, then doubt in his capacity is not necessary. So why did the company
British Dragon Pharmaceuticals does not indicate on its packaging: «For
veterinary use» (for use in veterinary medicine, I mean)? What’s wrong? Much
worse, in my opinion, to produce veterinary products, and give her the usual,
for “human use”, so to speak.

Fourthly, it is unclear where all these products are produced. After a long
and almost a detective investigating we found out: production capacity British
Dragon Pharmaceuticals are in Cambodia – a country famous pharmaceutical
traditions still somehow without its.

Enough? In my opinion, is sufficient. But it was still, alas, not all.

Dro (ma) stanolon

Here he is in my hands – the coveted “Mastabol, analog glorious, but untimely
non-existent Masteron! Like its “big brother”, “Mastabol” contains drostanolone
dipropionate as the active ingredient. Specifically, should contain, for on the
bottle in black and white “DROMASTANOLON dipropionate! What is this very
“dromastanolon” and how it differs from drostanolone, I do not know. Apparently,
this is a new and top secret development of these newly “pharmacists”. Why the
secret? Because elsewhere on the site of the company is likely to confuse the
marks, the same product is called … “DROMASTOLONom”!

Surprisingly, not only that. Slightly worrying is the fact that the raw
material for production of drostanolone dipropionate is a very, very scarce, if
the “pharmacists” from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals and get him some miracle,
it is hardly sufficient for large-scale production quantities. And if raw is not
enough, the temptation to him with something, say so, “add”, “improved”. But the
most alarming form of issue – all the same “veterinary” desyatimillilitrovye
bottles. Well, let’s say, the company focused, nevertheless, in the production
of veterinary products, but for some, only a slave to it reason, this fact does
not want to advertise. Veterinary medicine – a good thing, too, can not be
denied. But Masteron never released self-respecting veterinary pharmacists, but
their minds could never come to this! Why? The fact that this drug does not
contribute to the impressive gains in muscle mass, bodybuilding, in practice it
is used exclusively for predsorevnovatelnom stage of preparation to make the
muscles stiffness, fullness in a total reduction of carbohydrates in the diet
along with fat and water (most recently used for the other drugs but Masteron
was preferable). Tell me, please, for any such competitions must “paints” the
muscles of the poor animals? After all, for any farmer is important, above all,
gain in weight of his pupils, rather than their hard muscles!

British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd

And what about the first of the two companies, I mean the British Dragon
Pharmaceuticals Ltd? As I said earlier, the company moved to Hong Kong and
received an official license to trade in pharmaceutical products. British Dragon
Pharmaceuticals Ltd has retained the entire range of previously manufactured
products, only slightly altered packaging and trademark. Tablets androlika,
Anabol, stanabola and Parabolan will continue to be available in our market. But
apart from these drugs and the company began production of veterinary products,
does not even attempt to hide this fact, but honestly pointing to bottles – «For
veterinary use only» (for use only in veterinary medicine).

Ruler of veterinary drugs, produced by British Dragon Pharmaceuticals Ltd has
11 drugs, among which are unique. Detailed story of all these drugs is yet to
come, so far give only general information. So, in the production are:

Laurobolon (active substance – nandrolone lorat, comes in 2-ml vials with a
concentration of active substance 50 mg / ml); Deca Nubol (nandrolone decanoate,
5 ml vial, 200 mg / ml); Nubol (nandrolone phenylpropionate, 5 ml vial, 200 mg /
ml); Testolone (testosterone propionate, 5 ml, 200 mg / ml); Testoenant (testosterone
enanthate, 5 ml, 250 mg / ml); Testocylone (testosterone cypionate, 5 ml, 250 mg
/ ml); Boldesten-100 (boldenone undetsilenat, 5 ml, 100 mg / ml); Trenolone (trenbolone
acetate, 5 ml, 100 mg / ml); Stanozolone (stanozolol, 5 ml, 100 mg / ml);
Meprobolon (a mixture of 50 mg methandriol dipropionate and 50 mg of boldenone
undetsilenata, formerly a product manufactured under the name “Drive.” In 1 ml
contains 100 mg of the mixture, the drug is released in 2 -ml bottles);
Nandrolone-250 (a mixture of 50 mg of nandrolone propionate, 50 mg of nandrolone
phenylpropionate, 50 mg of nandrolone lorata and 100 mg of nandrolone decanoate.
Truly a unique product, have never previously unreleased! 1 ml contains 250 mg
of the mixture, Issue performed in 2 — ml bottles). All products are
manufactured in India, which is one of the largest manufacturers of
pharmaceutical products in the world, so that the quality of them, presumably,
is at a very high level. Now think, what would you choose: “honest” veterinary
drugs manufactured in the modern equipment in the country which is famous for
its pharmaceutical tradition, or products made by God knows where, veterinary
supplies are somehow very carefully concealed? Easy zadachka, is not it?