Testosterone Cypionate (Cipandrol, Testosterona-C, Depot CYP 250, Testover-C)

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Slightly stronger than Enanthate. Used for mass gains

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Cipandrol (Testosterona-C, Testosterone Cypionate) Balkan Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Moldova)

Depot CYP 250 (Testosterone Cypionate) Centrino Laboratories (Thailand)

Testover-C (Testosterone Cypionate) VERMODJE SRL (Moldova)

Testover-C (Testosterone Cypionate) EXP DEC 2021 (30$->Vial) VERMODJE SRL (Moldova)


What is Testosterone Cypionate. Buy test cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is a steroid hormone with strong anabolic effect on human body. It is widely used in sports, and is one of the most popular testosterone esters used to build muscle and increase strength. The half-life of this drug is about eight days, and most common replacement for it is testosterone enanthate.

Due to very high popularity of this medicine in sports, there are many counterfeits on the market. Therefore, it is recommended to buy it from reliable seller only, like 24Hoursppc.org. This is where you can buy high quality Cypionate and other anabolic steroids at reasonable price.

The effects of Testosterone Cypionate buy online.

  • Gain of muscle mass.
  • Substantial increase in strength.
  • Acceleration of damaged tissues regeneration.
  • Quick recovery of the body after exhausting workouts.
  • Strengthening of sexual desire.
  • Improved mood and appetite.
  • The main advantage of the drug is that it does not cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Testosterone Cypionate dosage. Cypionate for sale.

This ether has an oil base and is absolutely non-toxic to the liver. Its duration period is about fifteen days. Usually Cypionate is administered intramuscularly by deep injection once a week at a dosage of 250 to 500 mg.

It is not recommended to increase the dosage over 500 mg, as this will only lead to side-effects, but will not improve the results.

Testosterone Cypionate combinations.

The combination with cypionate and other steroids is the most effective way to build muscle mass fast. It goes well with Boldenone and Nandrolone. This combination will allow you to build high-quality dry mass in a short time, avoiding rollback phenomenon. Testosterone C is an aromatizable steroid and may retain liquid. The use of Clomid, Tamoxfen and Proviron will reduce the risk of estrogen related side-effects, including development of gynecomastia.

Cypionate lowers the production of natural hormone testosterone, so you should not neglect PCT after the cycle. This will restore the hormonal background and make your cycle safe.

You can buy test cypionate online right now in our store. Feel free to order now or contact our customer support if you need any assistance.

Side effects.

Like any drug it can have side effects when overdosed. They include:

  • Coarsening of the voice.
  • Baldness.
  • Excessive hair growth.
  • Increased pressure.
  • Gynecomastia.
  • Migraines.
  • Nausea, vomiting.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Oily skin.
  • Rashes.
  • Acne.

Like many other Testosterone esters, it is strictly forbidden to be taken by women, as it leads to metabolic disorders and other problems with internal organs. It is also not recommended for young men under the age of 21 to use Testosterone C, as this can further affect the vital activity of sperm, which leads to infertility.

You should consult a doctor if you experience worsening of health after taking the drug. In this case Clomid or Nolvadex are usually prescribed to relieve adverse reactions.

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10 Amps x 1ml. [200mg./ml.] Total 2000mg, 30 Amps x 1ml. [200mg./ml.] Total 6000mg, 50 Amps x 1ml. [200mg./ml.] Total 10000mg, 1 Vial 10ml. [200mg./ml.] Total 2000mg, 3 Vials 10ml. [200mg./ml.] Total 6000mg, 5 Vials 10ml. [250mg./ml.] Total 12500mg, 6 Vials 10ml. [200mg./ml.] Total 12000mg expire


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