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Buy PEG MGF online. It is a synthetic hormone, which with regular use gives the following result: intensive fat burning, formation of muscular relief, increased immunity, reduced recovery time after training. Ideal for bodybuilders, combination with other peptide drugs is acceptable.

PEG MGF promotes the formation and mitosis of myoblasts, providing mechanical growth of passive muscle cells. The substance is produced in the form of an insulin-like hormone on a synthetic basis.

The Effects of PEG MGF

  • increase in general endurance
  • lipid burning
  • formation of muscle relief
  • reduces recovery time after training
  • strengthens immune system

Once in the body, MGF rejuvenates the epidermis and dilates the vascular system in bone and muscle tissue. Significantly strengthens the musculoskeletal system and reduces cholesterol in the blood. Increased bone marrow growth with active cell division.

The physiological effect of the use of PEG MGF is achieved through mitosis of dormant cells, due to the activation of special receptors. The main cause leading to muscular dystrophy and the reduction of the synthesis of mechanical growth factor is eliminated.

Take PEG in the form of subcutaneous injections with a dosage of 100-200 mcg per day. It is recommended to make no more than 3 injections a week, injecting the drug immediately after training. The duration of the PEG MGF cycle is 21 – 42 days.

Benefits for athletes from the use of PEG MGF
The hormone is mainly used by bodybuilders seeking to achieve the following effects:

Increased muscle mass – affects the condition of cells, provoking hyperplasia, expressed in accelerated mitosis. At the same time there is a hypertrophy which is shown in increase in volume. The life cycle of cells is dramatically extended.
Perfect relief – MGF improves venous pattern and helps to draw muscles.

Decrease in fat mass – after the first reception it is possible to observe decrease in quantity of lipids by 4 – 6%.
Increased endurance performance – by taking PEG MGF, the athlete will be able to perform a larger amount of load without feeling tired.
The resulting MGF synthesis is characterized by a short half-life not exceeding 3-5 minutes. The substance has low efficiency and is therefore used in conjunction with PEG, which performs the function of molecular protection. The use of an additional component guarantees the enhancement of pharmacological properties and significantly increases the ability to absorb. The athlete gets the opportunity to reduce the dosage of PEG MGF, while maintaining the desired effect.

Important! PEG MGF is allowed to be used together with other peptides and agents of steroid origin.

Storage and side effects

The substance should be stored at a temperature of + 2… + 8 ° C, avoiding contact with ultraviolet light. It is recommended to place the PEG MGF hormone in places with a moderate level of humidity, not allowing it to get wet or get in water. The prepared solution should be stored in identical conditions no longer than 30 days from the moment of preparation.

Synthetic means are allowed to be used by all athletes without age restrictions. Side effects from the use of PEG MGF are not manifested in all and are expressed in the appearance of a slight itching at the injection site, tingling of the fingers and swelling. Bleeding from the nose is extremely rare and especially individual. Osteoblast differentiation has been found, and mineralization is sometimes inhibited.

In addition to improving the terrain, the athlete when consuming PEG MGF brings constant benefits to their health

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