Trenbolone Acetate (SP Trenbolone 75, Tren 75, Trenaver)

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SP TRENBOLONE 75 (Trenbolone Acetate) SP laboratories (Moldova)



Tren 75 (Trenbolone Acetate) Centrino Laboratories (Thailand)


Trenaver (Trenbolone Acetate) SC VERMODJE SRL (Moldova)

Trenaver (Trenbolone Acetate) 100mg/ml 1ml AMP SC VERMODJE SRL (Moldova) EXP DEC 2020 (5$->Amp)


Buy tren acetate

Trenbolone Acetate is also known under Finaplix brand. This is very useful anabolic steroid. It’s original medical usage was intense treatment and restoring of the mass after infection, surgery or trauma as well as recovery after muscle dystrophy or osteoporosis bone pain.

This is not a starting drug for the novice, however, more experienced bodybuilders like it for low side effects while still providing notable mass gains. It also well stacks with some other steroids and HGH (somatropin). As a result it is well integrated both — into bulking cycles during off-season and cutting pre-competition/preparation ones.

Trenbolone kit comes in injection form, has strong androgenic properties and good binding to androgen receptor. In addition it does not aromatize and has great impact on metabolism, conversion of protein into the muscles and general nitrogen level. Furthermore, Trenbolone 75 has low sides.

Tren Acetate dosage and usage

EOD (every other day) or 3 days a week injections is preferably to ED (every day). Proper dose for males is 50-100 mg EOD. With these 100mg it should provide great results if you are using real product.

Cutting cycles: it may rise up to 100mf/ED or 200 mg/EOD, however, risks of unwanted sides notably raises.

Since Trenbolone is anabolic drug it stacks the best with steroids which have androgenic properties

  • Bulking stack: tren 75 + dbol + testosterone
  • Cutting stack: tren 75 + winstrol (stanozolol) or Masteron + clenbuterol. Adding HGH at least 4IU daily is a plus.

Contra-indications and side effects of finaplix h for sale

It should not be used if:

  • allergy to any of its components
  • pregnancy or plan to
  • breast-feeding
  • breast cancer in males
  • prostate cancer (confirmed or suspected)
  • severe heart/kidney/liver issues

In case you are using regular dose, Trenbolone 75 side effects should not disturb you.

However, if any of those become too annoying contact your doctor or decrease dosage:

  • headache
  • rapid loss of the hair
  • gum issues such as tenderness or swelling, irritation and pain;
  • acne
  • weird taste in mouth
  • sex drive increases too much
  • fatigue

Should the following heavy side effects show up, seek for immediate medical care:

  • Heavy allergy
  • Boobs increase in size and are painful
  • Volume and shape of your balls change
  • Urination problems including dark urine
  • Changes of the mood, depression
  • Breathing difficulties during the sleep, interruptions
  • Bad appetite
  • Nausea
  • Priapism — i.e.long and painful erection
  • Pain in your stomach
  • Swelling ankles
  • Liver problems, which results in yellow eyes or skin

Overdosage of finaplix conversion kit

In this case immediately contact local hospital or emergency room, especially if one of the following things occur:

  • confusion
  • one-sided weakness
  • problems with the eyes and sight

Trenbolone acetate and finaplix conversion kits for sale

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1 Vial 10ml. [75mg./ml.] Total 750mg, 3 Vials 10ml. [75mg./ml.] Total 2250mg, 5 Vials x 10ml. [75mg./ml.] Total 3750mg, 1 Vial 10ml. [100mg./ml.] Total 1000mg, 3 Vial 10ml. [100mg./ml.] Total 3000mg, 60 AMPs 1ml (100mg/ml) Total 6000mg


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