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Humulin Regular (Insulin) Lilly (France)

Humulin NPH

Humulin NPH (Insulin) Lilly (France)



Insulin is a peptide hormone. It is produced in the special organs (pancreas) by beta cells. Its responsibility is regulation of the metabolism of carbs and fats; it also accumulates fat for further utilizing it for energy. Upon consumption a food, sugar volume in the bloodstream grows up and causes a hormone to be released. And this hormone regulates glucose levels in the human’s bloodstream. In the body cells, glucose is being converted into the fat and produces physical work. It’s headed there under insulin guidance. Many athletes and bodybuilders know about the properties of insulin to promote muscle growth and expand energy reserves. Therefore, they include it in their drug regimen during intense training.

In fact this substance is a protein produced by the pancreas and it’s main activity is stimulation of muscle growth. Every time you are consuming carbohydrates and proteins, insulin is released by some organs and becomes part of your blood flow. It should get into all tissues of your body and provide aid to an increase of the muscle mass. However, it should successfully enter your cells in order for its role to be successfully accomplished. But this could happen only if responsible receptors grant such access. Once this substance gets to the tissues, it benefits their growth and also enables cells to produce more protein which is vital for transforming the amino acids into muscle gains.

Good blood stream and no obstructions on the way is an important condition for getting muscle strength. Muscle tissues need constant supply for normal growth. So normal blood running is required for their uninterrupted supply.

Insulin easily can be bought and no need for any prescription. As a matter of fact, more than 15% of the people buy insulin over any counter with no doctor’s prescription.

The human body naturally produces the hormone insulin. It contributes to the important process of glucose uptake by cells and converting this glucose into other forms which are then converted into energy. The existence of a human body without this hormone is impossible. Humulin is well-known brand name for it.

There are many different sorts of Humulin. They are different by the time length they are last.

Taking a look at HUMULIN R and HUMULIN NPH

Very popular and commonly used brand worldwide is Humulin-R. It can be purchased from a drugstore with no prescription. Humulin R is a form if insulin with a quick and short action. It starts working within thirty minutes after injection, peaks in two to three hours, and keeps working for up to 8 hours. Due to the gap between the time when it starts to work and getting to peak Humulin R is considered more unpredictable than faster insulin. One can get a meal with appropriate amount of carbohydrates and three hours after this you’re feeling hypo and wanna eat something more. But the great news are that you can get this one without medical prescription. As a result this is what most guys are taking. Humulin-R requires you have a good protein/carbs supply every few hours and you feed your body regularly all through the day. With HUMULIN-R, a meal should consist of forty — sixty grams of carbs and 40-60 forty — sixty grams of protein.

Humulin NPH is insulin brand with intermediate time of action. It is a cloudy looking substance. It takes from two to four hours after administration for Humulin to start to work. The most intensive working period lies between 4 and 12 hours. The whole period of acting is from 12 to 18 hours. Such insulin acts longer in the human body than natural insulin does.

You should store Insulin in the refrigerator but it is recommended to warm a bit injecting to make it less painful during an injection. If containers with insulin stored at room temperature it lasts about one month.

Side effects of all forms of insulin:

Decrease in blood sugar levels when you beginning of taking insulin practice;

Some disturbance in eyesight;

Low potassium levels — sometimes result in pain in muscles or a non-normal heartbeat;

A rash — mostly in a place of injection but sometimes may cover the whole body

Changes in the mood;

Lumps or scars at the spot of injection.

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5 Cartriges x 3ml (100 IU/ml) Total 1500IU


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