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Dosagem de Arimidex durante o ciclo

Arimidex (Anastrozole) is an aromatase inhibitor, an enzyme that converts testosterone to estradiol. When used with anabolic drugs, Anastrazole minimizes the side effects of estrogen.

Anastrazole controls the level of this female sex hormone, it also increases the levels of free testosterone. The drug is safe and well tolerated when correct doses are used.

  • Reduces estrogen levels
  • Increases the effectiveness of steroid hormones.
  • Promotes natural testosterone synthesis even with androgen steroids.
  • Prevents gynecomastia in men.


The non-steroidal active ingredient selectively blocks aromatase. In postmenopausal women, folliculin, androstenedione and aromatase promote estradiol synthesis.

With a decrease in the estradiol level, breast cancer is treated. The estradiol level is reduced by 80%. The drug has no progestogenic, estro or androgenic activity.

When the tablets are taken orally, the active substance is rapidly absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. Its binding to plasma proteins will be 40%. Accumulation in the body does not occur. The maximum concentration in the blood will reach after 2 hours if the agent is taken on an empty stomach.

Dealkylation, hydroxylation, glucuronidation ensure the absorption of the drug by the liver. Urine and blood contain the main metabolic product, triazole. Excretion of drug metabolites is 3 days.

Benefits and harm

  • Anastrozole removes unnecessary fluid from the body.
  • It has a positive effect on blood cholesterol profile.
  • Increases libido in men.
  • Prevents arterial hypertension.
  • Decreases estrogen dependent inhibition of the pituitary-hypothalamus-testicles axis.
  • The remedy is popular for PCT during the recovery period.
  • The medicine helps well with hormone replacement therapy.

One should remember that estradiol is needed by the body for normal functioning. Therefore, it is important for an athlete to remember about biological role of estradiol and to keep it on the proper level.


The low estrogen levels may cause

  • Memory impairment
  • Mood changes
  • The problems with joints
  • Depression.
  • Decreased Libido.
  • The cholesterol level will rise.


How to take it right

The tablets are indicated for bodybuilders with experience after a cycle of anabolic steroids at maximum dosages. The medicine is used in two cases: before the cycle of anabolic steroids for prophylaxis with therapeutic doses, and after the cycle, to prevent the side effects of steroids.

The tablets should be taken on an empty stomach with a large volume of water. In this case, the active ingredient will quickly enter the bloodstream from the digestive system.

On the cycle, Anastrozole should be taken every other day during 2 weeks. The optimal dosage for good athletic performance does not exceed 250 mcg once every 2 days.  To reduce the estardiol level by half, a dose of 0.5-1 mg is recommended. For preventive measures in bodybuilding, 0.5 mg is enough every other day.

For gynecomastia 1 mg is used until the symptoms are eliminated, then 0.5 mg every other day. It is important to remember that not all anabolic steroids are aromatized. For example, in Anadrol, the transformation into estrogens is insignificant.

When using anabolic steroids with a short half-life, like Methandrostenolone, after 10 days, an analysis is made for the concentration of estradiol in the blood, Anastrozole is taken at 0.5 mg every other day. Then, after 10 days, estradiol is examined, the dose is adjusted.

When using anabolic steroids with long esters, for example, Sustanon, the dosage is 0.5 mg every other day. It is required to make a test for estradiol in 3 or 4 weeks after beginning of a cycle. The control analysis is carried out approximately in 10 or 14 days after you start taking Anastrozole. You should decrease the dosage if side effects are observed.

You should not combine Tamoxifen with Anastrozole. With such drug interactions, there is a mutual weakening of these drugs. It is forbidden to consume alcohol with Anastrozole, otherwise, with such compatibility, the pharmacological effect of the drug will not appear, undesirable consequences will appear.


Terapia pós-ciclo

It is important to remember that drugs that inhibit aromatase are not used in post-cycle therapy, they are used during the cycle and after the use of anabolic steroids (before PCT).


During PCT, drugs that block estrogen receptors (Clomid, Tamoxifen) are taken after a cycle for 2-3 weeks. Tamoxifen requires 10-20 mg per day, or Clomid 25-50 mg per day is used. The dose is gradually reduced towards the last week.


Thanks to chorionic gonadotropin, testicular atrophy can be prevented. It is used for heavy cycles, the duration of which is more than 6 weeks. It is introduced on the last 4-5 weeks of the cycle and should be used until discontinuation of steroids. Then you need to switch to drugs that block estrogen receptors.


The use of Cabergloline is recommended during cycles with progestin drugs, due to which the prolactin level increases. The dosage is 0.25 mg every 4 days for the entire cycle.