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Buying medications with credit card. Buying steroids with VISA. Pharmacy lobby conspiracy

We already discussed that since 2007 VISA e MasterCard strictly prohibit selling steroids through their systems and they watch that well using spies and sophisticated computerized technologies. Do not trust when someone like and its affiliates try to sell you “legal steroids” and other bullcrap like that, believe me, if they had really dealt with steroids they would be quickly caught, fined and jailed. Such companies cheat customers and sell merely vitamins and food supplements under steroid-like brand names.

Ok, let’s forget about steroids. Pharmaceutical industry is multi, multi, multibillion business in the world and particularly in US. And greed of big manufacturers is really without limits. Why do you think they do “treatment”, often lifelong instead of “curing” patient? Because their cash inflows are also lifelong in that case.  Small legal manufacturers used to have their own share of the market as well as non-US manufacturers and even underground manufacturers, which often had much lower prices comparing to  big companies. But just as I mentioned, greed of pharmaceutical giants is incredible. They want to have it all, to have YOU all.

Because of this, every year it became more and more difficult to sell ANY medications over the Internet, because ALL payment systems are being targeted by US authorities, but roots of the problem are mostly US pharmaceutical giants.

However, this September-October (2012) really amazing and wonderful thing happened. US pharmacy lobby pressed on VISA and MC, so it seems that now even EU-based companies of LEGAL medications cannot use credit cards without FDA approval (despite FDA is US, not EU authority), so now you can buy with your card only FDA-approved drugs, not listed in DEA Schedules and only from US FDA-approved pharmacy. This could be funny if it had not be too sad. Although this seems very unfair, but that lobby has a power to execute such a decision. Now they have most of US market and gonna have big share of online markets in other regions.

Why in the modern world of global economy all most popular global payment systems are located just in one country? If there were something like Visa in EU or Asia and accepted worldwide, there would be no possibility of such pressure. I have no other answer but conspiracy theory like New World Order, masons, etc. And I have nothing against pure American citizens because they suffer in first turn overpaying for simple meds now because there is really no fair competition on the market anymore.