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Winstrol Depot (StanoJect, Stanozolol, Stanabol, Stromba, StrombaJect)

Winstrol (depósito de winstrol, winstrol oral) é uma marca de esteróide anabolizante muito popular chamado estanozolol, que é um derivado de DHT (dihidrotestosterona). Possui baixa proporção androgênica e, portanto, baixa possibilidade de aromatização e efeitos colaterais relacionados ao estrogênio.

It’s primarily usage in bodybuilding is cutting (relief) cycles. However, Winstrol é amplamente utilizado não só por fisiculturistas, mas também por atletas não fisiculturistas, como corredores, ciclistas, jogadores de futebol, jogadores de futebol ou hóquei e lutadores de todos os tipos (kick-boxers, por exemplo); ou seja, nos esportes onde você tem que ser veloz mas não muito pesado, porque lhe dá massa magra e melhora sua força sem ganhar músculos excessivos.

Estanozolol is, one of the chemicals, which allowed amazing results to famous runner and simply exceptional athlete Ben Johnson. This substance provided him with a noticeable gain in muscle mass and relief, which could be perfect even for professional bodybuilder.

So, winstrol is a very effective steroid when used properly. It is important to distinguish between two forms of winstrol-stanozolol,  first is long-acting injectable version called winstrol-depot. Second is short-acting oral one (winstrol oral). Winstrol depot is more effective and thus preferred by most athletes.

The main usage of Winstrol (Winstrol Depot) in bodybuilding is preparation for a competition. When complemented by a proper calorie-rich and protein-rich diet,  Winstrol Depot provides the muscles with firmness and elasticity. Unfortunately, due to its low androgenic component, it is unable to protect the athlete from damages to muscle tissue. The absence of androgenic effect is compensated by stacking with Parabolan. The combination of injectable Winstrol 50 mg per day and Parabolan  2-3 amps / week is “a combination of top championships”.

Winstrol é bom não apenas para a preparação para uma competição, mas também na fase de volume. Devido à baixa retenção de água, é improvável que ocorram ganhos de peso rápidos com Winstrol. Ele fornece uma quantidade moderada de massa magra e seca, que se preserva após o término do ciclo.

As injeções de Winstrol em certos grupos musculares estão ganhando popularidade porque os atletas notaram que isso leva a um crescimento acelerado dos músculos afetados.


Dosagem e uso

Injectable version is just slightly more efficient than the oral one and it’s not being destroyed by the liver. Because of this oral Winstrol requires a little bit higher dosages, however, most of athletes underdose it due to gastroenterial pain and increased liver values – oral winstrol is liver-toxic. So, here is where the myth of superiority of injectable winstrol comes from. People simply can’t take equal dosages of oral version. Common  dosage of oral stanozolol is  15-30 mg / ED, daily dosage should be split on two parts – in the morning and evening during a meal, drink a liquid along with it.

A característica do Winstrol Depot injetável é que sua substância é dissolvida na água e não no óleo, ao contrário da maioria dos outros esteróides. Portanto, os intervalos entre as injeções com Winstrol Depot devem ser mais curtos em comparação com outros esteróides à base de óleo como Primobolan, Deca-Duraboline, Sustanon, Parabolan, etc. porque sua vida útil é muito mais curta. A prática tem mostrado que Winstrol Depot deve ser administrado pelo menos duas vezes ao dia e os melhores resultados são observados com uma dose diária de 50 mg. (300-350 mg / semana). A dosagem mais leve é de 50 mg / EOD (150 mg / semana)

Injete profundamente nos músculos e gire os pontos constantemente. No entanto, se o atleta deseja promover um determinado grupo muscular, as injeções devem ser aplicadas nele.



Winstrol (stanozolol) is all-purpose steroid, however, we should admit that in first turn it’s a cutting agent for bodybuilder and it plays rather limited role in bulking cycles. The main reason for using it in non-cutting cycles is that in limited dose it can lower SHBG, which, in turn, increases the amount of free testosterone in the body

Depending on the level of the athlete, one usually takes 50 mg of long-acting Winstrol /ED or EOD and Parabolan 76 mg/ every 1 – 3 days. Although there is no scientific evidence in favor of special interaction between Winstrol Depot and Parabolan, it’s very likely that a synergistic effect appears basing on real-world evidence. Other steroids that well stack with winstrol during pre-competition (cutting) cycle are Masterolone, Boldenone, Halotestin, Oxandrolone (anavar), Testosterone propionate, Primobolan and human growth hormone (HGH).

Bodybuilders who want to build up strength and mass often combine Winstrol injectable with Dianabol, Anadrol 50 (Anapolon, Oxymetholone), Testosterone,(long-acting) and Deca-Durabolin. With the combination of Anadrol 50 100 mg  / ED, 50 mg Winstrol depot 50 mg / ED and 400 mg of Deca / week athlete is slowly coming to the ambitious results.

Atletas idosos e novatos em esteróides podem alcançar um bom progresso com Winstrol depot e Deca-Durabolin ou Winstrol depot e Primobolan


Ciclo 0

winstrol depot 50 mg / ED is a cutting stack. Some people may do 50 mg/Ed, it’s more aggressive.


Cycle  1:

Winstrol 100-150 mf / semana + primobolan 200-300 mg / semana por 6 semanas como uma fase de corte APÓS o ciclo regular de deca-dianabol


Ciclo 2

Oxandrolona (anavar) 20-30 mg / DE + winstrol 150 mg / semana + clenbuterol 120 mg / DE por 12 semanas; prabolan 152-228 mg / semana durante as primeiras 8 semanas; Proviron 300 mg / semana + aumento de citomelato de 25 para 100 mg / semana durante as semanas 9-12


Ciclo 3

Winstrol 150 mg / w + parabolan 152 mg / w


Ciclo 4

winstrol (150 mg / w) + dianabol (20-30 mg / ED) + propionato de teste (150 mg / w) por 8-10 semanas + clen no final


Ciclo 5

winstrol 50-100 mg / w + deca 300-200 mg / w


Ciclo 6

winstrol oral 40-60mg / ED + equipoise (boldabol) 100-200 mg / w


Ciclo 7

winstrol + trembolona + clenbuterol - ciclo de alívio para novatos.


Ciclo 8

primobolan 200-300 mg / w + winstrol 150-300 mg / w + oxandrolona 20-60 mg / ED + clenbuterol + PCT (tamo e HCG) - alívio para usuários avançados


Ciclo 9

boldenona 300 mg / p + winstrol oral 40 mg / ED + fenilpropionato de nandrolona 300 mg / p - alívio para usuários avançados


Tempos de detecção

Estanozolol oral - 3 semanas
Estanozolol injetável (depósito de winstrol) - 3 meses


Side effects and PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) with winstrol / stanozolol

Only small number of athletes report water retention or  other negative effects. However, one should be aware that oral winstrol can be toxic to the liver in excessive dosages.


Outros efeitos colaterais não androgênicos, que podem ocorrer, são: dores de cabeça, espasmos musculares; em casos raros, pode ocorrer hipertensão. A possibilidade de danos ao fígado na forma de Winstrol injetável é muito pequena, mas ainda em altas doses pode aumentar os valores do fígado.


Because the Winstrol Depot is dissolved in the water, injection,  in common is more painful comparing to oil-based gear and have to be taken more frequently. This leads to another negative effect – scar tissue on the often injection spots, which cause athletes t inject not only  into buttocks but also to shoulders, legs or even calves. Athletes wishing to avoid this take Winstrol Depot twice a week for 2-3ml. This decreases effectiveness but decreases pain and prevents scar tissue appearance.

Como a maioria dos outros esteróides, o winstrol suprime os níveis hormonais naturais, embora não tanto quanto muitos outros. Executar testosterona em um ciclo contendo Winstrol ajuda a evitar uma possível disfunção sexual.

After winstrol cycle is over it’s necessary to do PCT: First week: 40mg of tamoxifen or 100mg clomiphen / ED or combo of both. One-two more weeks:  20mg of tamoxifen or 50mg clomiphen or combo of both.


Uso feminino

It’s one of the few substances, which could be used more or less safely by females in low dosages because it has more anabolic properties than androgenic ones. But occasionally winstrol can cause virilization, even this small androgenic component may, become noticeable for women with a dose of only 50 mg per week. And troubles are almost guaranteed for female athletes with a dosage of 100 mg / week. Despite Winstrol moves out quickly, it can cause undesired accumulation of androgens in the female body, which cause virilization effects such as deep voice, hair growth, hypersexuality, etc. (something similar happens to some of natural brunettes). However, ambitious female athletes still use it 50 mg / EOD disregarding all side effects.

Normally, female athlete can tolerate around 5-10mg of stanosolol per day, which perfectly fits for oral winstrol usage


Oral Winstrol

As it has been already mentioned, injectable version is more efficient than the oral one but this is mostly because oral winstrol is used in lower dosages than injectable one and athletes simply don’t receive enough substance. If you take 50 mg of oral winstrol a day, the results will be almost par with 50 mg of Winstrol depot, however, you may have problems with stomach and liver.

Por outro lado, o winstrol oral é um bom equipamento para mulheres, elas podem fazer apenas 5-10 mg / DE e, portanto, os efeitos negativos descritos acima não ocorrerão. Além disso, o winstrol oral permite dividir a dosagem diária em duas partes iguais,


Winstrol fakes

Due to popularity of winstrol there are many fakes on the market. The first thing to mention is that British Dragon winstrol depot and stanozolol (oral winstrol)  is no longer manufactured since they got busted, It might be still in circulation till the end of 2011 but anything with manufacture date after 2008 is a fake.


Breve descrição do estanozolol:
Atividade: 48 horas
Classificação: Esteróide Anabólico / Androgênico
Dose: Homens 25-100 mg / dia
Acne: Raro
Retenção de água: Rara
Pressão alta: rara
Hepatotoxicidade: Sim, é 17-alfa alcalinizado
Aromatização: Não, é um derivado do DHT
Conversão DHT: Não
Diminuir a função HPTA: Fraco

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