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Balkan Pharmaceuticals (Moldova)

Balkan is already known in Eastern Europe, but many customers from other parts  of the world often  inquire whether it is legit.

We do not have our own laboratory to check, however,  let me highlight it: Balkan is legal and official manufacturer, they are not an underground laboratory. Every batch passes quality control at the factory and in the state agency.

I could add to this that Balkan is ISO 9000 certified company. This means a lot, and I know what I am talking about. Personally, I came through the process of certification two times in a different companies, one managed to get it, another one failed.

Certification starts with a lot of bureaucracy – every process – purchasing, logistics, production, sales, etc. is well documented and every employee has written instructions on what to do and how to do. EVERYTHING in the company should be in order, counted and documented. Production is also to be certified and quality checked. But “Quality” to get this cert should be everywhere – starting from buying raw materials and up to making good customer support. Even if we suggest that there might be lower standards in non-EU countries, Balkan got this certificate from Romanian (i.e. EU) authority, not local one.